A Harsh Open Letter to Rank and File Party Members

(which keep doing more of the same)

I have conducted many conversations with concerned conservatives and patriots on the issue of the ineligibility and plain thievery of the resident in the White House, covered up by the entire US government. Yes, these people see signals of a demise of America, and they think about ways out.

However most of them cannot think out of the box. "If we split or weaken the Republican Party by exposure of such an ugly truth about it, then the democrats would win", - they say. So what?!!

Their hope to reverse the situation framed by the same criminal parties, by doing more of the same, is futile for many reasons. Those conservatives are caught into the existing two-party two card Monte game. They hope to reverse the near hundred year trend of betrayal encroached into the parties merely by "injecting" a few more conservatives into the repoooblican brass. They equate their loyalty to America with loyalty to the party, sparing the party from exposure of its guilt in this crisis. Instead they blame the messengers. They even dare to blame such a prophetic fighter for the triumph of Justice as Dr. Orly Taitz, complaining as though her trials go nowhere anyway…  

In those conversations I realized that such concerned conservatives confuse two very different issues:

a)    Search of strategies for reversing the demise of America and saving its future;

b)    Uncivil behavior jeopardizing the very reason of America's existence.  

Indeed Items (a) and (b) are quite different issues. In particular, we do not even know for sure, if a demise of America is reversible, and what it means to reverse it (discussed below).

However, disregarding the answer or solutions for Item (a), Item (b) stands on its own, and its significance is even higher than that of (a) because Item (b) characterizes the civility per se. That is why I insist that first we must consider and agree on item (b) before we do anything else.


        1) To tune you in and just to give an example of something absolutely uncivil: Think cannibalism, rape of children...  Such actions are incompatible with civility, and indeed they violate the law. Some inactions may be incompatible with civility too. You must not resort to such actions or inactions no matter how devoted you are to your goal.

        Now - getting back to our real-life situation.   

        2) It was absolutely uncivil for the 2008 GOP convention to not vet the opponent (Obama) but do vet their own (McCain). Moreover, in doing so, to not "notice" that the definition of a
US natural born citizen applied to their own (the 2008 Senate Res. 511 on McCain) was inapplicable (!) to the opponent. It was inapplicable - and quite obligingly never ever applied to Obama.

        3) It was absolutely uncivil for the 2012 GOP convention to suppress exposure of the ineligibility and crimes of the opponent. To prevent Dr. Taitz and Sheriff Arpaio from reporting of the crimes of the opponent Obama-Soetoro-Soebarkach-Bounel (the name uncertain): Especially after 4 years of the party's complicity in cover up of these crimes.

        4) It was absolutely uncivil for scoundrels Romney/Ryan in 2012, and scoundrels McCain/Palin in 2008 to maintain taboo on the issue of ineligibility and crimes of the opponent. It was a grotesque failure of the repoooblicans to fulfill the first duty of any opposition party - to expose the crimes and ineligibility of the opponent.

          The 2008/2012 betrayal by GOP of their first duty was the culmination but not the first such an event. In the 1990s GOP refused to expose involvement of President Bill Clinton into the murder of Vincent Foster focusing on Clinton's salacious story with Lewinsky instead. Even so, the impeachment failed, leaving that ugly shameless piece of awful to keep discrediting the highest office of the nation. Since then we did not have any opposition at all. GOP ceased to be an opposition in any meaningful sense.

        5) The level of cynicism and immorality of the highest repoooblican brass is grotesque. In April 2013 Lord Monckton asked an influential repoooblican congressman why neither he nor his party would do anything at all about Barry Soetero's obviously bogus "birth certificate" on the White House website. The "influential brass" replied:

- Look what the left have done to your reputation because you spoke the truth about the non-problem of global warming. We know the president and his 'birth certificate' are fake. But - to put it bluntly - my reputation matters to me. And that goes for all of us.

- "So Soebarkah is safe in the White House?", - Lord Monckton asked again.

- Yes, but just wait until he leaves office. The left will not be able to defend him then. (?!!)

This "piece" of a congressman seriously believes as though placating the lefts or caring about his own "reputation" (in eyes of the lefts) matter more than upholding the Constitution and the law and order! As though it is acceptable for a civilized nation to wait  8 years not uttering a word and doing nothing until a proven thief and impostor leaves the office peacefully on his own. And "That goes for all of us", - says this bright elected official. If nothing else, this confession alone warrants dismissal and prosecution of the entire criminal gang of 535 (the US Congress). But wait, it is not yet the height of their corruption.

        6) Not only are the repoobs in denial of their guilt in the 2008/2012 de-facto coup. Not only are they eager to bury the issue forever ("to take care about more important issues", you know). They dare to promote on-their-face-illegitimate apparatchiks such as Cruz or Rubio as the 2016 presidential contenders. In doing so they even engage in "discussions" as though these contenders were constitutionally qualified. At that the lack of the constitutional qualifications of Obama-Soetoro (never mind his thievery!) is not touched God forbid. This is a deliberate obfuscation campaign of the repooobs with the goal to COMPLETELY DISCREDIT THE VERY CONCEPT of the US natural born citizenship - in order of "backward legitimization" of their 2008/2012 betrayal.

        7) It is absolutely uncivil for the huge (perhaps 99%) majority of this nation to not seek the truth about ineligibility and crimes of Obama/Soetoro during the last 5 years, and worse: to deny or refuse to handle this truth every time when it is thrown into their face. Such a denial is no different from the shameful denial of Armenian holocaust by Turkey for near 100 years up to this very moment.

        8) It is absolutely
uncivil for each and every member of any party to NOT SPEAK OUT,  TO NOT SHOUT FROM EVERY ROOFTOP,  NON-STOP,  24/7, that the greatest hoax of all times has been perpetrated. A "Do nothing" behavior of each and every party member is incompatible with civility even more because it takes place lacking any physical intimidation whatsoever. Without any threat of torture! Without any threat to anybody's freedom, life, or property!!! 

        Without any threat to your life or property you have been not merely obedient fools in a procession of emperor without cloth:
You are witnesses of the crime in the procession of witnesses of this crime covering for the crime. Are you not ashamed to look at yourselves in the mirror?

        9) And with all the above, some of you have a chutzpah to tell me "Look, the trials of Dr. Taitz so far go nowhere". Yet the trials of Dr. Taitz go nowhere BECAUSE OF YOU (among other reasons). Yes, you, you! DO NOT
LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER FOR ANYBODY ELSE, because it is you who already in 2009 ought to kick the ass of ... No, not of Obama himself, or of the "judges". (I do not expect from you the feat like that).  You ought to kick the ass of merely your own party boss. You and the other party members ought to make such a noise at your grass root level, then at the next level, and at the next level, that the entire criminal procession of the fools would collapse already in 2008!

        10) With the immoral and uncivil luggage like that above, whichever way the events evolve in the future, your party has no future. Your party's soul is rotten so much that it has no future, nor does it deserve one. And if America keeps an association with your party and follows your ways, America too does not have nor deserve any future.

        11) Now if you still think as though all the above is only my inflamed exaggeration, think again!


        Yet your party has been bearing false witness for 5 years, while you still stay with your party. You still keep struggling for its "victory", and you even hope as thought it is a way out of the disaster we are in. Not only is it not a way out: It is not even the way for you to be in peace with your soul and with God. This pack of lies in regard to Obama is not something as far, obscure, and impossible to uncover mystery as say JFK assassination. These lies are on the very surface thrown into your face, yet you agree to live with them. Your conscience will never be in peace with the controversy like this.

        So much about item (b), which does stand on its own. Moreover, item (b) is the primary issue vs. item (a), because without preserving civility, it makes no sense to consider any possible future of this nation. First CLIMB DOWN FROM TREES, RE-LEARN WALKING VERTICALLY, and only after that think of having a nation: Especially a nation bearing some association with the sacred names of our Founding Fathers.  
        Now - a few words about item (a).


        12) Frankly, nobody knows whether such a reversal is even possible, given the depth of our fall. (And several great nations of the past did come and go into darkness).

        13) We cannot even agree what to consider as a reversal! In a view of some, if scoundrel Romney somehow won the election, it would be the beginning of the reversal. However I say that if scoundrel Romney's somehow won without the exposure of the Obama's ineligibility, it would be not a victory but a defeat of the reversal trend: A defeat worse than Obama's "victory". Why? Because if scoundrel Romney won while maintaining the taboo on the most damning truth, the Justice would lose, the civility would lose. The Obama's ineligibility then would be buried (like an obscure case of illegal president Arthur in the 19th century1); Buried forever, meaning the remnants of the Constitution would be buried forever too! We still would stay on the same road towards our demise with the same criminal actors.   

        14) The reversal of our demise in my view requires at least the full exposure and repentance about this horribly shameful page of our history so that we re-live in accordance with this Platform.  In order to practically implement the reversal of the fall of this rotten sinful nation, I can think only about two options:
                I) A military coup, which finally executes all the main culprits of this total treason. (Indeed, we, civilians, cannot know anything about it, nor can we do anything for it). Or...

                II) Explosion from within of the existing parties (all being treasonous), followed by prosecution and executions of their brass. Then we have to immediately establish a new party called JUDEO-CHRISTIAN AMERICA based on this platform: http://www.resonoelusono.com/Platform.htm . With both main criminal parties destroyed, this new one has chances to win on the wave of indignation about the crimes committed by the others. After that, immediately, a new Commission of investigation of anti-American activities must be established by a person so strong and dedicated, that the honorable Sen. J. McCarthy of the 1950s would look as Santa Claus...

        15) Meanwhile, disregarding the speculations and doubts about the reversal: As long as speaking out does not inflict any danger of death or tortures, we must shout the TRUTH from every rooftop 24/7; We must embarrass each and every treasonous official. The fight is still in progress, the war is not yet over, and its outcome is not known. As the fearless Dr. Orly Taitz keeps saying, if we blink and throw the towel, we will certainly lose. If we keep fighting no matter what, we can even win. (And if we lose, it does not make any sense to live here anyway). 



        I am sorry for the harsh language of this letter. However my professional style of a mathematician prompts me to express things in the most clear-cut way rather than following diplomatic protocols. 

Alexander Gofen, 2013

(1) In terms of the American history, this crisis grotesquely replicates (but exceeds in orders of magnitude) the crisis of the illegal presidency of Arthur in the 19th century. However, what was then a hidden act of fraud of a single culprit (Arthur) later after his death followed by myopic opportunism of the rest, now is replicated as a deliberately perpetrated mega-hoax by many from the very beginning, followed by the sabotage of justice and of the entire government from the very first days of 2008.