March 2017


An Open letter to President Donald Trump


Dear Mr. President,


This is a follow up of our previous letter (below) written at the beginning of your campaign, when your victory seemed rather problematic… And now, when we already address you "Mr. President", all our worries (items 5, 6) of the previous letter happened to come true. We see how your every action is vehemently sabotaged by the entrenched opposition of the deep state – and this is only the beginning.  


Ignoring our advice and prayers, in 2016 you chose to ran and win your campaign "conventionally", i.e. renouncing even your own past efforts to expose the 2002-2008-2016 preparation and usurpation of the US presidency by a person under alleged names Obama/Soetoro. By choosing this way, not only did you miss a chance for America to repent timely (i.e. before the 2016 deadline), but you also left undefeated all the nefarious forces of the entrenched opposition.


The situation in the nation became so grotesque, that the real impostor and his collaborators tease you! They dare to accuse you in being illegitimate president – and you just silently swallow it! They wire tapped you, they incite and finance street violence – yet you keep taboo on their greatest crime ever visited upon this nation.


It's obscene! It's especially obscene because just recently the nation and the entire world saw the 12/15/2016 press conference by Sheriff Arpaio revealing all aspects of forgery in the 2011 copy of Obama's birth certificate. And you are surely aware about the comprehensive report about his crimes compiled by attorney Dr. Taitz. How can the things like these have no consequences in a civilized nation?! Is it presumed that the citizens momentarily forget what they have just learned, or cannot add 2+2?


How can a president of a law obedient nation be reluctant to go after a crime in progress?


How can you be reluctant to go after a crime in progress of such an unprecedented significance – while your enemies (being guilty in this crime!) openly plot to destroy your presidency?!  


You had it in 2016, and you still have the absolute weapon against this sabotage: the full exposure of all aspects of the 2008-2016 usurpation. This absolute weapon is also the most humane and moral, because it is a weapon of TRUTH, which advances JUSTICE and REPENTANCE (not the last thing at all)!


We have just learned that South Korea happens to have a parliament capable to impeach a sitting (!) president for her crimes (rather than to wait until the president's term expires!) And South Korea happens to have the Supreme Court which did uphold the Parliament and the Constitution (while American Supreme Court had twice administered the oath to an impostor, and sabotaged all the cases questioning his legitimacy).


Even the Evil Empire of the USSR repented about Stalinism in 1956 (3 years after the tyrant dropped dead). How is it for you Mr. President that America now is in line of repentance behind the USSR, and must view the former USSR as a "role model"? How does it go together with dreams about America great again?!  


And to make things even uglier, your enemies accuse you and your staff in getting some illegal assistants from Russia during your election campaign – while it had been reported that it was Obama who promised Medvedev of Russia in 2012 to be more helpful as soon as Obama is reelected for the second term! It was Obama who had received hundreds of millions of financial help from Saudis and other Islamic nations, while Ms. Clinton too got financial support from Russia and enabled the uranium deal for them.


With all the above, which sense does it make Mr. President, that you obediently designated a special commission to investigate those accusations against yourself while not enforcing first the prosecution of much more obvious and damaging accusations against your accusers?!


Which sense did it make for you to accept the resignation of Gen. Flinn for no other reason but to cave to your enemies?!


Which sense did it make to accept the resignation of Gen. Flinn replacing him with McMaster – an islamic apologist no less than the "religion-of-peace-Bush"! McMaster (of all), for whom "Terrorists are un-Islamic (sic!), and the label radical Islamic terrorism is not helpful when describing their activities"! He is an enemy agitator at the position of your national security advisor!


Mr. President, speaking about Islam, the word "Radical" is redundant (just ask a strong guy of Turkey Erdogan)! Our enemy is Islam[5], period, and this enemy is already here in America:


§        3100+ mosques (80% built after the 9/11/2001! Yes!!!),

§        uncounted millions of muslims;

§        no-go ... towns (!) like Dearborn and military camp Islamberg,

§        and near every university, army, and government offices already islimized...


Our lives (not just our way of life!) are in a danger! America is turning into a no-go nation, and it is us which are advised to not go. The only way to secure our lives and recover the nation requires to halt Islamic immigration forever, and to rid of those 3100 mosques here (together with their visitors). You should not excuse or assure anybody that your actions are not against Islam, because to act against Islam is your duty, and the duty of every Western nation.


If you are reluctant even to name the enemy, how will we ever defeat it?!


Dear Mr. President! We are very frustrated that you blinked then in 2016, and are still reluctant to use your weapon of truth now. If you further follow this way, not only will America lose the last chance to recover and repent (at least late), but also your opposition will crush your presidency, or sabotage it so much, that you will hardly fulfill even your limited promises.


That is why an idea of leaving the 2008-2016 usurpation unexposed is immoral, uncivil, and defeatist so much, that it lowers the plank of human civilization. The human civilization has gone a long way that crimes like the 2008-2016 usurpation can not happen for all to see in full light of the day and remain unpunished, tabooed, without consequences. And … It does not work either!    


Mr. President! You still have a chance and duty to save America's soul, and to enter into history as a statesman – the savior. We beg you to not miss your chance, and to faithfully follow your God's mission. 





January 2016


An Open Letter to Mr. Donald Trump


Dear Mr. Trump,


We are writing this letter in a good faith and with a terrible pain about America, however not as your staunchest supporters… Not yet…


We are sure that you love America too in some way, however we cannot read your soul deeper than that… And your actions so far did not warrant our support. Your official renouncement of any further efforts to address the constitutional ineligibility and plain criminality of the UFO (Unidentified Foreign Operative) in the White House sounded as a betrayal of not only your own earlier efforts, but of the entire fight for exposure of the ineligibility by others (like us).  


Moreover: it is immoral (and perhaps even illegal) to declare that you (as a presidential hopeful) are not interested in the truth, nor going to pursue the justice any more in a pending criminal case of usurpation of American presidency. Imagine if you said so say about the murder of American Ambassador in Benghazi? What kind of a nation is it if a presidential contender openly says that he is not going after a crime like this? 


However, the crisis of ineligibility and usurpation is incomparably bigger and uglier than the Benghazi scandal – and bigger than everything in the modern history! Just a few years ago, your current presidential rival Sen. Cruz, when asked about the definition of the concept "Natural born citizen", said "Two citizen parents and born on the soil"[1] – just as in the 2008 Sen. Resolution on McCain, and as in "Law of Nations" referred in the Constitution[2]. (At that, Sen. Cruz, being ineligible no less than the sitting impostor, is running anyway!)


On top of it, the usurper Obama stole his social security number, officially produced a coarse forgery of his BC in 2011, while Ms. Fuddy of Hawaii which hand delivered it, suspiciously died in 2013 – see the entire brief[3].


Which other nation in the world has such a "background"?!  Yet you, a presidential contender, say that you are not dealing with it any more?! It's incivility bordering with savagery! What can be said about the law and order in such a country?! As Prof. Hansen put it (in another context): No law, no civilization! By allowing the impostor and plain criminal to reign for 8 years unquestioned, unobstructed, and unexposed by any officials or by any opposition, this nation discredits the human civilization, while the fact, that you publicly showed your unwillingness to touch this crisis, discredits you. Unless…


Unless it was merely a wile in a bigger plan, which we obviously do not know, yet may we make a reasonable guess?..


1) You had known it well in advance, that GOP hates your guts – and besides, they are a criminal party guilty in the 2008/2012 double coup. However you decided to begin your campaign with an attempt to run as a GOP candidate anyway. You did it in order to display for the debilitated American electorate your willingness to run conventionally, i.e. via GOP, because the electorate does not understand otherwise. They do not understand the catch of the demoGOPic duopoly, and therefore they merely ignore anybody who is going to be a "spoiler" (in their degenerate minds). So you are displaying your good will and wish to run "by their rules" to their satisfaction so that the sheeple appreciates it. And so far they did: They have appreciated and jumped at a couple of your already expressed right ideas so that your ratings skyrocket. Good. However…    


2) GOP is not going to be impressed with your scores because winning is not their primary goal. GOP is here not to win in election which reflects the will of patriotic Americans. On the contrary: GOP is here as the gatekeeper against those who express such will. GOP will throw you under the bus indeed, like you surely expected. The sheeple will see that GOP betrayed you, and they will appreciate your good will. However, in order that they keep supporting you further as a "spoiler", you will need a very unconventional approach outlined below.


3) This unconventional approach is based on a very "unconventional" and ugly reality of the moment: the usurpation of the presidency since 2008, a taboo about it, and a total betrayal by all branches of the existing federal government.


The unconventional approach therefore is a shock therapy, or tsunami of indignation over a full exposure of the terrible truth – but this is exactly what will enable your victory too! Why?


Because it is near impossible in this degenerate electoral system to win something like 40-45% as a "spoiler" – even if the election were not abused and corrupted! The specifics of this moment however is in that the full exposure of the ineligibility and of the criminal role in it of both "parties" will destroy these parties almost completely. After such an exposure only dumbest of the dumbest would still vote their old party. Our guess, if you stick to the full exposure now, or very soon, while you have already gained a huge visibility and scores, then the scores of each of those parties' will fall to mere one digit… In such a situation …


4) You will need your emergency party. And guess what: the theoretical foundation of it had been already created – see the Web page  . So far it is a virtual reality party, however as soon as you begin the exposure creating the tsunami, the folks will long for a new political organization with a unifying Platform – and here they are! You will have to only direct and maintain that huge wave riding it to your victory.


5) One more reason why you absolutely need this shock therapy. Even if you are elected the President, you will still be just one branch of the government. What will you do with the two others hating you even more?  What will you do with both parties and the entire Congress, guilty in the 2008/2012 double coup and in a long list of acts of collaboration with the impostor and the so called NWO[4]? They are and will remain in aggressive denial, they will oppose each and every your effort. You will have no choice but acting in a fiat manner like this usurper, but unlike him, confronting their tremendous resistance because you are not their dear man! You will surely have a failed, one term presidency – unless…


Unless you break their spine by the full exposure of the ineligibility and their role in it well before the 2016 election, so that people do not re-elect them, and recall some of them, while other rats which they are realize, that their former ship sinks so they jump onto yours.    


6) And here is the ultimate reason: This shock therapy and tsunami of indignation are absolutely necessary not only for your victory in this unprecedented moment and situation, Mr. Trump. They are even more necessary for saving the face and soul of America – something much bigger than your personal victory and ambitions! Why?


Because if the full exposure of the horrendous crime of usurpation since 2008 does not happen before the end of 2016, this example of an unprecedented baseness will enter into history forever! Forever America will remain in history as an example of human misery and failure to live up to the own law and constitution – without any hardships, but only due to fat and brain dead "citizenry"! This nation will forever remain in history with its indelible dishonor of the last decades: From the stained dress of Ms. Lewinsky to the soiled pants of the entire nation. For it will be the first time in history when the greatest treason and dictatorship have succeeded without violence, with the freedom of speech in place, but unused; with the 2nd Amendment still valid, but not one shot fired...


And, besides entering into the history in such a despicable role, this nation will remain unrepentant in a horrendous crime. No redemption, no salvation… God will curse this nation for betrayal of His hopes, His mission, and His plans. Isn't this your biggest concern?! We hope it is… And if so, if you follow the way of righteousness and expose the greatest evil, we hope God will be on your side – as He had been on the side of America in our first 200 years.


Mr. Trump, you have a chance and duty to save America's soul, and to enter into history as a statesman – the savior. We beg you to not miss your chance, and to follow your duty.  




Morgan Ward, TX, a Natural Born Citizen, a Retired US Army Sergeant First Class and Vietnam War Combat Veteran

Alexander Gofen, CA, a naturalized US citizen, a legal immigrant since 1993, a retired mathematician and a volunteer journalist