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(Schawminator, a former military, now serving in Jordan)



Schawminator : This what this nation needs as leaders and role models for our children. I pray that Allan West and the good Doctor Benjamin Carson are those men.


Alexander Gofen : No, they are NOT good men. They are in cahoots with those who maintain a taboo on the ineligibility and plain thievery of Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkach/Bounell.


Schawminator : Gee, how would you know what you state. Would you please enlighten all of us.


Alexander Gofen . West failed the main aspect of his congressional mission: to uphold the Constitution. His constituents admonished him to do his duty, to raise the issue of ineligibility and plain criminality of Obama/Soetoro, but he chose to betray his duty. He keeps doing it up to this very moment by maintaining the taboo on this issue. Doctor Benjamin Carson does the same.


Schawminator : I work very close with many vet groups that work with Allan West and you are clueless or just full of BS.


The congress had it chance to vet Obama in 2007 and before but did not. No one person can do what needs to be done without the backing of the American people. I also belong to AFCEA the largest DoD contracting base and we all know what we know and our numbers are too small to give the vetting of Obama some real exposure. Remember the left totally shut down Sheriff Joe in a heart beat.


We have signed thousands of petitions for congress to set new laws/rules requiring background investigations on all running for a seat in Congress and the Senate, This is the same investigation that is required of myself and my employees before we can work for the government in their space. If this would have been a requirement before Obama ran for the Senate seat we wouldn't know of him today. He would have failed at the very beginning of the investigation. But even though our numbers are in the 100s of thousands, we are not enough. Allan West is just one of our supporters to help make these changes. It is not a lip service process to get these things done, it takes time and money and millions and millions of Americans to support it. Sad to say there are not enough willing to support the vetting of Obama. The total old republican guard must go before our voice can be heard.


Alexander Gofen . If Allan West were our supporter - and the supporter of the Constitution, the law and order - his one voice in the US Congress would be enough, more than enough to break the criminal silence. Nobody could shut his mouth. To voice loudly his biggest concern and to expose the crime was merely his duty no matter what. He miserably failed his duty.


And yes, you are right that the total old republican guard must go. Entire GOP must go as a criminal treasonous enterprise.


Schawminator : Allan West is our supporter and you should join in on his websites to see who supports him and who he supports. Get educated, it doesn't hurt.


I fully understand you; get rid of all the republicans as criminals. You just stick with that thought and you will remain a useful idiot of the left. The left is too powerful at this point with the media in their favor. Remember Rand Paul is now called a self serving nut case today. Is that true?


Why don't you tell us how you would control all the judges so they will look at or even consider looking at Obama's background. People much brighter and having more influence than you have tried to work with the leftist judges. The system is rigged because We The People have allowed it to happen with their eyes wide shut.

Again Allan West is doing more now than when his hands were tied in congress.


Alexander Gofen : I am here only 20 years, while you perhaps the entire life. It is you and sleeping "conservatives" who allowed it all to happen during the last 100 years:




You are merely looking for excuses for inaction (in fact treason) of Col. West, of the repoooblican brass, and all their supporters.


Dr. Taitz, or pastor Manning do not ask their repoonblican bosses whether it is good to expose the terrible truth...


Schawminator  : You sort of make my point. What truth has Taitz provided in a court of law and how much air time does pastor manning get. And these are people of good will doing nothing to turn this nation around. It is just good sounding lip service for what some want to hear and wish for but not to really fight for. This situation is bigger than Obama's birth records or any of his records that don't exist.


My French and German grandparents said when the federal government takes a monetary role in our school systems that is a bad sign for keeping you liberties and freedom. Then to make is worse they let the labor unions in. We told that when we grow up don't, move to an area where there are a lot of public schools especially the large cities. This will be bad for your children because the government school s won't teach your children the European history they need to know, you will have to do that yourself and much more so they don't become a part of what happened in Europe.


See I know why so many Europeans left to come to America but the last two or three generation of school students in the USA do not. He told us one day the Socialist will run out of the working class tax money and the people will revolt again.


Schawminator : After reading your comment history you seem to be a stealth Obot baiting others to respond to your without facts and negative comments. That means those who like Col. West are on the right track for what our country needs. We need to be done with the Democrat and Republican party that supports or is complacent towards Homosexuals, Lesbians, Illegal Aliens, Atheist, Muslims, Socialist, Communist, Marxist, On-the-Dole people and Useful Wall Streeter Idiots.


Alexander Gofen : Your study of my comments perhaps was incomplete, or you erred in your conclusions. "...To be done with the Democrat and Republican party that supports or is complacent towards Homosexuals, Lesbians, Illegal Aliens, Atheist, Muslims, Socialist, Communist, Marxist, On-the-Dole people and Useful Wall Streeter Idiots" - all that is exactly WHAT I STAND FOR. Here are my articles since 2008:


Schawminator  : If you really stand for this then you don't understand how capitol hill works. Lip service against Obama is what got us Obama and his friends. Where are all the birthers. They are defeated just like all the other that supported Sheriff Joe. Remember when Hilary's staff as the first birthers brought questions about Obam's background. They were silenced over night. They were not even allowed to blow the whistle. No news media would give it air time for investigating it any further. This is a nasty and dangerous business to out Obama. He is currently feathering his nest while tearing the country down as his voter base expands every day. The only sector that I have come in contact with that knows what Obama is doing is the Military and the Veterans organizations.


Alexander Gofen  "They were silenced over night"? Only opportunists and appratchicks may be silenced. Dr. Orly Taitz was not silenced. Lt.Col. Lakin was not either, and pastor Manning was not silenced too.


If you believe as though the "birthers" (i.e. THE TRUE CONSTITUTIONALISTs) are defeated; If you believe that America can just go on with its business having a foreign spy in the White House and keeping to cover up for his plain thievery - you deadly wrong. This is the end of the civil society, the end of America. The mere fact of your opportunism and readiness to swallow these things and to go with your business as usual is terrifying in itself. It testifies about the depth of a demise even in the so called "conservative patriots"... Shame on you.


It is because of opportunists like you that Dr. Orly Taitz seems to be so alone. It is because of ideologues of opportunism and collaboration with the criminal GOP this infamy lasts all these ugly 5 years!


Schawminator : I'm no opportunist and I even supported Orly Taitz and Sheriff Joe. So you read me wrong. Again you can have all these people of good will just wasting their time and my money because the system is rigged in favor of Obama and his puppeteers.


They all claimed they had the goods on Obama. I once believed that and they were so far from that. I told Orly that when we were in Iraq the cab drivers already knew of Obama, calling him Baraka soon to be groomed as Senator and President their so to speak savior. This planning of feathering the nest started years before Obama's Senate run and all was planned from the inside with the help of many. The Clintons found out about that, didn't they? Obama is no smart intelligent guy by pulling this off by his orator skills alone. The speeches are the ground roots action of the pied piper calling for the useful idiots to grow the voter base - that is Obama's key position. The White House just laughs at those birthers by playing his game of baiting them for what doesn't exist. There are no documents in the name of Barack H. Obama, Jr. period. So they are chasing a negative. No birth records, no passport records, no college transcripts, no job resume, no SSN records, no selective service records. Just enough crumbs set to throw all off from connecting the dots and this was known or assumed by many because every trace crumb led to a dead end.


Think about it. Half the people in the united states don't know and some don't care that Obama was born from a white woman’s womb, he had two fathers both Muslims and both abandon him, the only religion instructions he had was Islam, his mother was a wanna be porn star (her pictures are posted on the web in sexual compromising positions) and she abandoned him to be raised by his grandparents. He traveled to the Middle East in his 20s by his own writings but there are no passport records and the list goes on and on. Obama is just a part of the puzzle. The people that should be vetted are all those that surround Obama as his Czars and the democrat socialist/communist party members.


This is a big deal and no one person or two can resolve this. It will take the nation of millions of people to say I won't take this anymore we are going to return to the guidance our founding fathers gave us in the writings of the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers to return to a Republic.


Alexander Gofen  : OK. And you ought to add here also the shocking study of J.B. Williams

that already since 2002 the US Congress made 8 attempts to change the natural born clause of the Constitution to fit for this future usurper.


In such a case, if you do know and see all that big picture, your collaboration with Col. West and GOP is even more disgusting. (I do not know why flying bullets in Iraq happened to be less intimidating for Col. West than the crooks on the Capitol).


This big picture means that THE SKY IS FALLING: LITERALLY!!! You cannot just have a life and make plans for the future (with Col. West, GOP, and the rest of the traitors). WE HAVE NO FUTURE, if THIS remains untouched. And it remains untouched so long because you and others did not help Dr. Taitz enough to shout it from every rooftop. Nor did you confront and embarrass each and every crook in the US Congress and Senate and other officials. And worse of all: You did not help and shout enough:  Living not under Stalin or Hitler, but in a still free society, without any personal threat to your life.


Perhaps even now it is not too late to change the behavior, to curse all the crooks in GOP, including Col. West. Be they all damned! Shout the truth and keep dry you no what. Every house, every family must turn into a front line! WE JUST CANNOT GO ON WITH THE FALLING SKY. NO. NEVER.


Schawminator  : The only thing that needs to be as far as vetting a president - congress or senator is to perform a federal background investigation for a security clearance. Please know many on Capitol Hill could not pass one. And if you don't achieve a clearance you are not hired. If you have a clearance and due to bad conduct you lose it, you are fired. Chasing the Natural born clause for change is not an answer for stopping the likes of Obama.


We know who our enemies were in Iraq but not on Capitol hill. But, today we now know of many.


The big picture is the sky is falling and it been for several years as the socialist, progressives and marxist minded control our courts the media and our school systems. I and millions believe Allan West is not a traitor and that will never be an issue except for the left to promote it. Col. West is helping us just not people like you because you mind is too made up or closed.


I have also served my country and still today I do this by working in Jordan. Again, I say there must be hard action not words on the floor of the house but real rebellion. And that won't be done by the likes of you or Orly. She is too small and not connected so they have shut her down as the do anyone that attempts to out them. And the Tea Party is a joke on the American public as well. You will have to wait until the 2014 elections to find your way. The same applies to most of the useful idiots that voted for Obama as they find themselves useless in 2016 because they no longer needed. There needs to be an epiphany about how bad we have been screwed and by our own ignorance.


The links you attached get no real exposure to the American public and if they did they would be taken down. So they are just lip service wish lists not demanding of the American citizen for their immediate action with direction for the resolution. If these links and articles make any inroads to the people there would be air time given to them by CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CNBC, CBS, ABC.


Again I refer you to pay attention to Allan West forums and his blogs sites for what he his doing. Also start paying more attention to the overseas reporting in Europe and the Middle East for what you never hear in America. You may even understand Turkey is the one we don't watch and by design. They are key to what happens in the Middle East and Europe. Remember the Islamist want back their old conquest back at any cost. Watch Greece. Socialism creates pacifist for the easy pickings. This also what Obama is all about in the transformation of America. This can only be stopped by the will of the people and right now I find that will absent in any large numbers. So we must do what we must in hitting the bottom as a wake up call for real revolution.


Alexander Gofen  At the very beginning of this thread you wrote: "Gee, how would you know what you state. Would you please enlighten all of us".


Then it suddenly appears that you are already quite "enlightened" on your own, but you act and think as though this knowledge is irrelevant. Or rather you with Col. West and (almost) the entire US Army had already thrown the white towel and betrayed the oath to uphold the Constitution, keeping to serve under the usurper. And yet you dare to blame Dr. Taitz that she has not organized a rebellion!..


"The links you attached get no real exposure to the American public and if they did they would be taken down." - and you wrote this as though it were a normal course of things, which we are supposed to live with...


"... there would be air time given to them by CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CNBC, CBS, ABC" - meaning that we must live in accordance with the agenda of the alphabetic channels! Didn't you realize that the mass media in the US is already no less totalitarian than that in the USSR?! (Except that the thinking minority in the USSR did realize that they have no media, and never relied or expected anything from it!)


Having the full understanding about the scope of the disaster, that this sky is falling, not only do you act cynically; Not only do you collaborate with the enemies and their accomplices such as Col. West, GOP, islamic CPAC, and others; YOUR ACTIONS AND HOPES ARE FUTILE.


They are futile because a nation whose government and people have committed the crimes of such a scope and magnitude has no future, and has no right even to exist. This is in orders of magnitudes bigger than the opportunistically buried crime of president Arthur in the 19th century. This is incompatible with civilization. It is akin to cannibalism...


It is a (self-) deceit to consider some electoral actions for 2014/2016 and so on. You will have none; elections do not work for cannibals...



Schawminator  : Take articles like this and save to see if they had the correct insight. Distant yourself from your normal news sources for about a month and you will also find the U.S. Armed forces is Obama's worst enemy.



Alexander Gofen : I have no idea what you expect me to find new in the suggested link. I have been well aware about the islamic threat and assault on America and the world many years ago, and I wrote about it:


Yes, U.S. Armed forces remain Obama's worst enemy (according to his actions towards the Army), yet alas, it is (so far) a paper tiger.


Schawminator : One more time: You cannot do what you and Orly want to do. The system is rigged against you from the inside.


Alexander Gofen  : The system IS rigged so much that almost the entire nation turned into a despicable illegal entity. However it is Col. West (among others) and his blind supporters who keep it going and help rigging this system up to this very moment. Millions are doing this: WILLINGLY, not even being threatened by anything like Hitler or Stalin!


And you dare to say "we cannot do what you and Orly want to do", i.e. we must not fight against being fooled in a full light of the day; against the injustice so blatant, that it has no precedence in the modern history; But instead we must follow you and yours and rush to throw a white towel.


Following your logic, Academician Sakharov, or Elena Bonner ought to never raise their voices against the system so rigged and brutal. Fortunately, not all people in the world are opportunists, or readily become dhimmis of islam or another ugly power...