The no-shame-America vs. the post-Stalin USSR

1917-2017: the ominous centennial

The American people, especially the patriotic ones, simply do not want
to hear or believe any bad news about their country

Eric Samuelson

When I wrote "A Comparative analysis of the demise of the Russian Empire in 1917 and of the United States of America now" (2012), I didn't expect that the shameful parallels would go on and on until the abysmal situation we have reached now, in this ominous centennial of the 1917 coup in Russia. As I had already mentioned in the opening statement of the Judeo-Christian America, our nation entered into the year 2017 unrepentant, forever losing a chance of timely repentance and delivering justice to all perpetrators of the 2008-2016 usurpation of the US presidency.


The US has forever lost its chance to duly enforce the law against the unruly impostor while he was in office, like South Korea did to their criminal president. It remains to be seen if America ever enforces the law at least after the 2008-2016 usurpation; if America is capable at least to replicate what the former USSR did in 1956 partially exposing and repenting about the Stalinism three years after Stalin dropped dead in 1953.


However now (2017), seeing how shamelessly and readily the entire nation forgot and buried the still running never acknowledged government crime of the usurpation, a comparison between the last decades of the former USSR and America now becomes even more telling. That's what I am trying to demonstrate in this essay.

Ought to never happen, yet it did


During Stalin the USSR was a hell on earth akin to that in the contemporary North Korea on a much greater scale. There was no limit for atrocities and evil perpetrated by the government on a daily basis to thousands upon thousands of people for no reason: not even for a hint of resistance to the regime. Even under Hitler some resistance could take place, say non-Jewish wives could organize a picket against the deportation of their Jewish husbands into extermination camps and save them. Under Stalin however it was unthinkable that family members ever publicly demand for any indulgence for their dear ones and themselves.  


Millions upon millions, the entire class of middle class peasants with their families where brutally deported into far corners of Siberia to their death, and into GULAG for killing forced labor. Entire ethnic groups in hundreds of thousands were similarly exiled in a matter of hours. It was a routine that the Kremlin sent down directives to districts how many thousands must be arrested, executed, or convicted (to 25 years forced labor in GULAG).


Approaching 1953, NKVD tortured and executed a group of Jewish doctors falsely accused in mistreatment of high Soviet apparatchiks, and in preparation was the next not very hidden plan of total exile of the entire Jewish people of the USSR to their demise in the far eastern taiga (after the show-case executions and pogroms). Only due to a sudden death of Stalin this plan had not been implemented.


As of this moment we still do not know whether Stalin dropped dead because of natural causes, or he was killed in a coup of his henchmen in Kremlin (something never attempted before). That time however his surrounding had all the reasons to get especially concerned. They knew that Stalin used to rid of his closest henchmen one by one on a regular basis, "renewing" his staff all the time (to exclude any chance of a coup, among other things). However than in 1953, given a scale of the new Stalin exile "project" for which they all were to be blamed later, they perhaps saw no escape for themselves but to finally dare to act. Whichever the case, Stalin got dead.


Stalin got dead, and soon quite silently the government began releasing millions of inmates of GULAG. Here the word "silently" is crucial.  


By the very essence of the Soviet regime during and after Stalin, this massive release of inmates (or any other correction of whichever past atrocity of the regime) could be only silent, without any acknowledgment. No wrongs of the past were supposed to be ever mentioned about anything concerning the "great cause of Marx/Lenin/Stalin": particularly not concerning the atrocities during Stalin! And how could be otherwise when perhaps a half of the nation were accomplices of the atrocities serving as informers, and the entire nation practiced a grotesquely farcical cult of the greatest ever "leader" of all the peoples!


Moreover, any exposure of Stalinism would deliver a severe blow to each and every foreign puppet of Stalinism seated in China, North Korea, and Vietcong which also practiced farcical cult of Stalin and their local "leaders". And it did: immediately after an exposure of the Stalinism, the tight friendship between the USSR and China broke.


Furthermore, an exposure of Stalinism would bring enormous troubles also for the Western clients of Sovetskih – to all those "Communist parties" of the West, which then ought to explain to their members and the Western citizenry why they so blindly supported the soviet monster during all the past decades.


Even the rulers of the Western world would be embarrassed because they too ought to explain why they so eagerly licked the Stalin's boot in the past decades; why they had built the heavy industry for him, and participated in the war on his side and on his terms (see "American Betrayal" by Diana West).  


It's still not clear who in the Politburo were capable to initiate acknowledgment of the terrible past. They all were heavily involved in it. That very Nikita Krushchev (later credited for the exposure and condemnation of Stalinism in 1956-1960), was an ugly Stalin's jester known for his zeal to ask Stalin even for an increase in the directives for arrests in Ukraine.

It still remains a mystery how a few personalities at the very top had managed to conceive and conspire to achieve some exposure of Stalinism. The very logic of the Soviet policy required staying silent and keeping a taboo on Stalinism forever. Why not? The Politburo and other henchmen get out of it quite safe after the "Master" dropped dead (except the head of NKVD Beria, which was promptly executed). Nobody would ever dare to open the can of Stalin's horrors anyway. And it would be just ridiculous to suspect any traces of repentance or pangs of conscience in them.


An exposure of the Stalinism ought to never happen, yet somehow it did, though in a controlled limited way.


They condemned the Stalinism during their party congresses in 1956 and 1960, yet no tribunal had been ever set, and near all former members of the Politburo during Stalin remained in place: even the notorious "gray cardinal Suslov", commissioned with the mega-project of Jewish exile.


The CPSU Congress (mind you!) acknowledged, denounced, and distanced themselves from Stalinism and its horrors. Sure enough, they did not denounce Communism (and how could they). They claimed that the Stalinism was a distortion of Communism – and look at their "integrity and "honesty": they had acknowledged and corrected that "distortion" on their own!


"We must do away forever with a cult of personality! We must acquit all the victims of the Stalinist repressions, consolidate even tighter around the Communist party, and go on towards Communism.

Up to work, Comrades. Our generation will live in Communism" (said Nikita Krushchev, meaning the great "prosperity" and "blessing" for the Soviet citizenry, mind you).


Of it all, it did come true that after exposure of the Stalinism there were no more horrors in the USSR on such a scale. The period after the Stalinism was called the "thaw", because people became a bit less fearful. They already dared to have discussions in their kitchens, a few writers wrote great works with some truth about Stalinism, and a hardly sensible breeze of freedom could be smelled in the air. However it was still the Soviet brand of freedom, the so called "real freedom" (unlike the "fake one" in the "so called" "free world"). The meaning of the "real freedom" was best expressed by Comrade Krushchev :


We have all the freedoms to fight for Communism, but we have none (nor must we have any) to fight against Communism.  


Let's pose here and make a note of this definition of "freedom" from Comrade Krushchev.


The Stalinism was a huge unprecedented in its scale horror (which had induced more such horrors in other nations). Its enormous scale required an international tribunal akin to that in Nuremberg over Nazis so that all the perpetrators, first of all the Communist party, be prosecuted and never allowed to re-emerge.


This could not happen in the 1960s, and … this did not happen even in the 1990s (which requires a separate article to explain). Though some rulers of the USSR and a part of the citizenry repented about the Stalinism in the end of the 1950s, it was a late and only partial repentance.

It was so partial that speaking about the full extend of the Stalinism was a crime (an "anti-Soviet propaganda"). Correspondingly, some literary works like "GULAG Archipelago" by Alexander Soldzenitsyn where banned. Copying and spreading them was criminally prosecuted.


The repentance was partial, so that the nature of the USSR as an Evil Empire did not change. There were thousands of political prisoners, detained also in psychiatric wards, no common freedoms typical for the Western world, no freedom of information but the totalitarian mass media without any access to other sources of information (except jammed radio waves). It was already in the post-Stalin time that the USSR invaded and suppressed the forces of freedom in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Poland, and aggressively penetrated into any corner of the world where it could set a foot. It was the post-Stalin USSR which made Zionism "equal to fascism", armed Egypt and other islamic enemeis of Israel inciting them for wars, invented the so called "Palestinian people", and trained Arafat and his terrorists. 


And not only was that repentance partial, but also short lasting, because quite soon, already during Brezhnev (and now again under Putin!) the government began whitewashing the Stalinism supported by a large segment of citizenry up to these days! Up to these days, i.e. after 25 years of the full freedom of information in Russia (since 1990s after the Perestroika and collapse of the USSR – viewed by them as the greatest drama of the 20th century for Russia, mind you). Paradoxically, many of those which even now admire Stalin (the monster unparalleled in history), however hate Lenin and the Bolsheviks which made the 1917 coup (the "Jewish enterprise", in their view).

It's worth noting however that in the 1991 the CPSU, its Central Committee and Politburo were dismissed and prohibited to reemerge, their property being confiscated: not a kind of the Nuremberg process against the Communism, but at least something. Soon however other communist parties under other names re-emerged in Russia again.     


And now – fast forward to the contemporary America, with the same topic about exposure and repentance: the repentance, which…

Ought to happen, yet never did

In the previous part we discussed the Stalinism and partial repentance about it in the former USSR in order to prepare the ground for analogies with the recent events in the contemporary America the 2008-2016 usurpation of the US presidency by some UFO (Unidentified Foreign Operative) under alleged name Obama (outlined here), unprecedented in the history of the Free World.


It must be immediately clarified: there cannot be any comparison between the Stalinism proper (with all its horror and sufferings) and anything else: surely not with anything in America. We are going to compare only the situation in the post-Stalin USSR with the situation during-  and  post-usurpation America.


Ezra Taft BensonTo begin with, it helps to recall the famous words of Mr. Ezra Taft Benson in reply to Krushchev (who claimed as though Benson's grandchildren would live in Communism): "On the contrary, my grandchildren will live in freedom as I hope that all people will" – was Benson's reply.


Given the American reality now, Mr. Benson must turn in his grave seeing in which kind of "freedom" his and other American children live! Not only are American youth now made to believe in Socialism (as Krushchev prophesied), but the entire school and university systems indoctrinate the students into a wide package of the so called liberast ideas – plus they (literally!) defile kids by promoting and "celebrating" sexual perversions, promiscuity, and even sex change fantasies up to actual hormone "therapy", followed by castration and sterilization in the future of otherwise healthy kids! And all that is not only about the kids!  


Entire America does not live in freedom as meant by Mr. Benson and the Founders. Instead, Americans now have the freedom by Comrade Krushchev, i.e. they have all the rights to fight for liberasty, but they have near none to oppose it or whichever else the government and the media include in this package… Nor do they have the wish to oppose it!


It's near impossible to fathom how the political and government-media complex of the US succeeded to maintain a taboo on the 2008-2016 usurpation during long 8 years in the nation with the 1st and 2nd Amendments still in place; and how near entire nation shamefully complied with the wish of this criminal government then – as it does now. 


Mind you: it's America, not the USSR, where in early days of Stalin an extremely damaging him file was secretly kept by some in his opposition. (It was a package of documents revealing the Stalin's past as an informer for the Tsarist security service – after being a robber baron "earning" the money for the Bolsheviks of the time. People whom Stalin suspected in knowing about this file disappeared with all their surrounding). 


It's America, but a similar in significance file on illegitimacy and identity theft of the "candidate" and "president"-usurper, the well known and available file mind you, was and remains completely ignored!


It's America, where the journalism used to particularly chase the cases when "a man bit dog". And how much more must "a man bite dog" if the resident of the White House was a usurper of unknown origin with stolen identity?! With stolen identity exposed multiple times in courts by the Attorney Dr. Taitz, and by Sheriff Arpaio in three press conferences – the last one as recent as on December 15, 2016, already during president-elect Trump!


Since 2011 Mr. Trump, before running for president, was surely aware about illegitimacy of Obama, and made some attempts to expose more aspects of that illegitimacy (though what was known already sufficed to bring Obama to justice). Trump bragged that it was due to his efforts that Obama finally "ordered" and produced the impossible paint art birth certificate in 2011. Trump challenged Obama offering him a reward up to $50 millions (to donate to any charity) if Obama produced more records…


And yet during the 2016 campaign, under a "guidance" of the interviewer, Trump humiliatingly uttered the words of the government "shahada" as though now he finally believes that Obama "was born in the US", thus "closing the case"! ("Was born in the US" is an irrelevant obfuscating catch phrase to deflect attention away from the obvious facts of unconstitutionality and criminality of Obama explained here).


Not only did this grotesque submission demonstrate a lack of basic human dignity and integrity in Trump, but it also made Trump an accomplice of the crime no less than Pres. Bush and the rest of the government (see the full list here).


Moreover, in 2016 Trump missed the unique opportunity to win unconventionally, i.e. via the full exposure of the 2008-2016 usurpation and the government fully responsible in it. Trump therefore missed the chance of massive cleansing and ridding of the huge sabotaging crowd, as we had suggested many times in this letter to him in 2016-2017. Unlike the Soviets in 1956, neither Trump, nor anybody in his surrounding ever acknowledged, denounced, and distanced themselves from the 2008-2016 usurpation – an American crime so big that it discredits the humanity. Nor did Trump denounce GOP and other criminal parties all responsible for the usurpation. (Unlike in the 1991 Russia, neither GOP nor any other party was dismissed). Unlike the Soviets, nobody in the entire political class ever confessed that the 2008-2016 was a  "distortion" of the Lenin's (sorry) Founder's norms. Instead, this topic still remains a taboo "ridiculed" as a "conspiracy theory" by the ideologues from hell.  


The blind supporters of Trump (the "trumpets") have readily forgotten and buried the usurpation. They elate about his arrogant demagogic slogan MAGA – Make America Great Again. They do not care that America remains in soiled pants and stinks to the high heaven. They do not care that most of Trump's promises cannot be fulfilled by him alone merely because of his constitutionally limited power sabotaged by the rest of the government; that Trump, by his capitulation in 2016, opened himself for non-stop attacks by the totalitarian sabotaging crowd, that he had fully submitted himself to his handlers, and will do only the minimum that they would allow him to do. Yet the trumpets do not think big: they are happy to have at least their 2 cents, and so they applaud to MAGA no less than Sovok did to the Krushchev's version of MAGA: "Our generation will live in Communism".   


Just recently the icon of the conservatives (from the former close surrounding of Trump) Mr. Steve Bannon  preached:    


"To take your country back – it's not going to happen in just one election. This is something you're going to have to grind out day in and day out for the next five, 10, 15, 20 years.


It took us a long time to get here. There's no magic wand we can wave and drain the swamp. There's no magic wand we can wave and blow up this establishment. I hate to tell people, you're going to have to work. [Up to work, Comrades! Ooh?!]     


But you know what? The grit, determination and courage of the American working men and women – we are going to win!"


What a demagogy!


You do not need a magic wand, Mr. Bannon! What you do need is honesty, integrity, courage, sense of duty, and merely some shame – the qualities required to fully expose the 2008-2016 usurpation as a government crime in progress! And it's not only a matter of repentance (lacking to you), but also the only practical way to "blow up this establishment" nullifying all wrongs perpetrated by it in one decisive action.


Therefore you are lying as though draining the swamp must take as many decades as the swamp was allowed to freely develop. You do not want it and you fear to drain the swamp effectively. You are not ashamed that now America lags behind the former USSR, which at least partially exposed Stalinism in 1956-1960. Had the Republicans (or any US "party") denounced the 2008-2016 usurpation and distanced from it (like CPSU did in 1960 about the Stalinism)?! Did the Russians in 1991 tried to rid of merely "RINOs" in the party?! No, they dismissed the entire CPSU and confiscated its property!

Yet Mr. Bannon and American conservatives still plan merely to "challenge" Republicans – rather than to expose their treason in the 2008-2016 seeking their dismissal forever! That's the attitude of the so called the best and bravest among the conservatives! The attitude of the conservative which openly promotes several "5-year plans" needed to restore the Socialist (sorry) Constitutional law and justice in the future by tabooing an exposure of the breach of the Constitutional law and justice now.

Reacting to the unprecedented crime of this usurpation, a commentator offered an expression "a crime too big to ever acknowledge" (Bob68). Just recently (December 2017) one more component of Obama's crimes was revealed: Josh Meyer published a huge exposure about a task force targeting Hezbollah's billion-dollar criminal enterprise by Obama's White House. Yet as usual, nothing happened... May a crime be too big for prosecution in a nation boasting to become Great Again (MAGA)? Or...

May a crime be too big for prosecution in any nation with a semblance of civility? 

On such a background, the Soviets of 1956 look almost "righteous" – and I would be the last person to suspect in singing hosanna for Sovetskih. I brought all these analogies here as a last hope to shame this nation, to help it to realize the abyss it is in, and may be, just may be to sway toward a late repentance and the necessary actions upon it. For it's just an illusion as though the Judgment is beyond the horizon and will never come (but "the American people, especially the patriotic ones, simply do not want to hear or believe any bad news about their country –  Eric Samuelson)…

Stalin came to power and to his brutal absolute dictatorship thanks to his own insidiousness, in a long process of consolidation of his power and ridding of the opponents. Nobody had ever handled Stalin.
Obama (whoever he is) was nothing but an invention of his handlers and accomplices: the then Pres. Bush, the entire US Congress, the Supreme Court, and all so called "parties", i.e. the entire US government of the time. They wished him and they seated Obama into presidency, having him as their puppet.
Exposure of Stalin during his reign was absolutely impossible in the USSR. Exposure of Obama (a puppet) ought to take place during or prior of his  usurpation as a must in any civilized nation with some semblance of acting opposition. America miserably failed this test.
Exposure of Stalin after his reign might or might not happen in an empire as evil as the former USSR. His partial exposure did happen in 1956, yet being partial, it could not change the evil nature of the USSR whose all government remained intact. Being partial, it prolonged the Evil Empire for 30 years more. In the 1990s near everything about the Stalinism were freely published, yet still not officially acknowledged and condemned.
Exposure and prosecution of Obama (the Clintons, and others) at least after his reign is the very minimum expected in a law obedient nation. The fact that it is not done is obscene. The fact that the entire criminal US government remains in place is obscene and fatal for the future of the US more, than incompletely exposed Stalinism happened to be for the future of the USSR.
Russia, being the main "troublemaker" of the monstrous 20th century, has never fully recovered from the consequences of the 70 years of Bolshevism. However Russia has never been viewed as a "Beacon of humanity" on a God's mission anyway.  
America has miserably failed its God's mission as a "Beacon of humanity". Incapable to live up to the law and order, America has miserably failed even as an average nation. Due to its failure to live by the own law coupled with the legalized and massively "celebrated" abomination, America now exemplifies Sodom and Gomorra, and deserves their fate.

See also The Civility Thrown 400 Years Back

 Alexander Gofen

October 2017