The 2008-2016 resident of the White House – a UFO:

(Unidentified Foreign Operative)
or a three-act coup


The subtitle "Three-act coup" was added in November 2020, as a realization of a much larger picture not yet obvious in 2016. According to this bigger picture, now it's easy to recognize ...

Act 1, 2000-2008. As traced by Mr. J.B. Williams, there were 8 attempts to pass congressional bills to rid of the "Natural born" requirement for some upcoming important presidential candidate.

Act 2, 2008-2016, the actual imposture of that "candidate" Obama/Soetoro.

Act 3, 2016-2020, Attempts to topple President Trump and to entirely destroy integrity of the election in the US (as of 11/21/2020 still in progress).

This text written in 2016-2017 covers Acts 1 and 2.



By Alexander Gofen



The alien who is among you shall rise higher and higher above you, and you shall come down lower and lower. He shall lend to you, but you shall not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you shall be the tail. Moreover all these curses shall come upon you and pursue and overtake you, until you are destroyed, because you did not obey the voice of the Lord your God, to keep His commandments and His statutes which He commanded you.

 Deuteronomy 28:43-45

... For if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world!

Daniel Webster, 1851


This is an update of my previous article (2015) on the same topic. The sad reality is that the 2008-2016 usurpation of the US presidency still (March 2017) remains unacknowledged and willingly forgotten. Therefore some new facts will be added (particularly in the last section).    


Just as then in 2015, this review may be considered as the part 2 for the article by Diana West, covering some of purely criminal aspects of the "resident" of the White House since 2008: The resident under uncertain names Barak or Barry Obama, or Soetoro (as a citizen of Indonesia), or Soebarkach (as in his mom's passport), or Bounel (as the deceased person born in 1890, whose social security number 042-68-4425 of Connecticut Obama stole).

Alas, there were not near enough of articles like that of Ms. West, given the grotesque of the situation. For 8 years the highest executive officer of the nation was a …
UFO: Unidentified Foreign Operative! Literally! A Foreign Operative planted with unprecedented sloppiness. The "true copy" of his full birth certificate displayed in 2011 on the White House official site (just as his selective service registration) appeared to be coarse forgeries with so obvious blunders, that a high school kid could paint them better. The impostor therefore produced not merely a painted document, but an impossible document, a 3 dollar bill at that! For example, the entry "race" in that supposedly 1961 document was specified not "Negro" (according to the nomenclature of the time) but "African" (a euphemism replacing "Negro" decades later).  


Moreover, a person who hand-delivered this piece of art to Obama in 2011 – a head of Hawaii Department of Health Ms. Loretta Fuddy, happened to be the only dead in a non-fatal water landing of a small plane in 2013. She was seen successfully evacuating and floating in the water with other 8 passengers. Then while in the water, she suddenly died, her body then being hastily cremated.


The late Ms. Fuddy was quite a loyal guarding dog for her boss. For him, she refused to honor a subpoena to show up in a court hearing where the origin of Obama's papers was to be investigated. She rudely sent back Dr. Orly Taitz and the Sheriff Arpaio team members which flew to Hawaii with the goal to inspect the archive records of Obama's birth. Alas, judging by her fate, her boss did not appreciate enough her loyalty at all. Now let's get back to the main aspects of the grotesque.


Except the death of Ms. Fuddy, the rest of the above-mentioned hard facts took place and were well known already in 2011 and 2012 (remember the date). In February 2012 Sheriff Arpaio gave two press conferences where even the so called "alphabetical" TV channels showed up and watched the video presentation made by the Sheriff's team. The presentation demonstrated beyond reasonable doubts that the resident of the White House displayed a coarsely counterfeit birth certificate as though the "true certified copy". And … nothing happened!


Think about it again. Can you recall another nation in the world, where such kind of incriminating data against the head of the state were readily available, yet the sky did not fall, this UFO kept holding his power and moreover, was re-elected for the second term: In blatant violation of the Constitution and Law, for all to see, in full light of the day!

In 2015 Sheriff Arpaio said, still "nobody wants to look at it"! I.e. in a nation having a Parliament and parties, freedom of speech and 2nd Amendment, nobody wants to look at this! Moreover, as investigator Zullo added: "Lawmakers have told him they will not look into the matter, or that they would be prevented from examining it if they tried"?! What?! Prevented by whom?! Who in the world is above these lawmakers representing one of the three highest independent branches of our government?!


On December 15, 2016, Sheriff Arpaio gave a press-conference with all the details about stealing the identity and forging the documents of Obama/Soetoro: on December 15, 2016! Already during President-elect Trump!

Later in 2017 Zullo added:


We had nowhere to turn. This was a coordinated effort between the White House, the DOJ, the FBI, the Secret Service, and Selective Service, and mainstream media, to kill this issue... I personally believe this is the greatest fraud ever committed on the American people; it is the easiest-solved fraud to ever be investigated; it would take them 15 minutes to get to the bottom of this, and yet nobody wants to look at it. There's no place we can turn until the players turn.


But … where was the media?! Where was the opposition – a naοve reader might ask?!


Opposition? Which opposition?!


In June 2012 in Florida there was a national Convention of the so called "opposition" – the Republican Party, whose goal was to approve their candidate Romney as a front runner for the presidential election. Though not invited officially, attorney Dr. Taitz and Sheriff Arpaio came on their own with the goal to notify the Republican leadership and the Convention about the unprecedented criminal file against the opponent known as Obama.


However, the leadership did not allow Dr. Taitz and Sheriff Arpaio to appear and report anything. Neither Romney, nor anybody else from the delegates uttered a word that their opponent, whom they supposedly wish to defeat, was a fraud with uncertain names, unverified ordinary citizenship, and definitely not having the constitutionally required natural born citizenship – by his own official biography (see below)! In other words, the so called oppositional (Republican) party in 2012 again (after 2008) deliberately threw the game in favor of the opponent – and therefore lost, just as intended.


OK, that was the so called "designated opposition", DemoGOPy, duopoly, a twin party sham, or de facto one party rule. However, there seemingly existed also the so called 3rd oppositional parties (though "cursed" as "game spoilers" and distracters in the dysfunctional electoral system of this nation). All those Tea parties, Constitution (!) party, Conservative party: They seemingly recognize and denounce the Demo-Republican duopoly. Did they (the so called "true" opposition) too turn their blind eye not noticing an Unidentified Operative, a 3 dollar bill, in the voting list?


Yes, they did. They did not notice it. Moreover, they did not notice it with an air of deep indignation against anyone who did; With a deep indignation against anybody who (violating the rules of a "polite society") dared to point them out that they did not notice it! Damn, how deeply offended are they if you dare to "distract" them from their immense fight for the "restoration of the Constitution" by pointing them out how the Constitution is being shredded right now before their eyes in full light of the day.


We leave it as a home work for the readers to determine where from the lags grow and money flow for this "opposition". Now comes the time to pour some light at the Constitution.


Which Constitution?!

No law, no civilization
(Prof. Victor Davis Hanson


(3) Ms. West covered only the purely criminal circumstances of this "residency". To uncover them required certain investigations made by attorney Taitz, Sheriff Arpaio, and others. Thus, it would be unreasonable to expect such "hard efforts" from a de facto one party "Parliament" of this "great" nation, a "beacon of humanity", and "shining city on the hill". However, what about mere law obedience: The law obedience as shallow as on the face of it: pro forma?   


"As pro forma", the Constitution requires a special enhanced citizenship for the presidential contenders, called natural born citizenship, as defined in the then encyclopedia called Law of Nations by Vattel. A contender must be born to parents both ordinary citizens on the soil of the nation (presuming to never change his citizenship ever after).  


Before 2008 nobody had ever questioned its meaning (well understood, but not liked by some, who wished to rid of it – see below). All of a sudden, since 2008 it became as though impolite to ask the meaning of the concept natural born; In fact it became strictly … disadvised. That is why it happened to be a particularly unfortunate "blunder" that this concept nevertheless "leaked" into the 2008 Senate Resolution 511 vetting presidential eligibility of Sen. McCain. This resolution stated that Sen. McCain is indeed a US natural born citizen because … Guess it? McCain's parents (plural) were US citizens and he was born … well as though on a kind of American soil(2)… What a "blunder" was that mentioning of parents! Why? Because according to the official biography of the Unidentified Operative, his biological father never was a US citizen (he was Kenyan). And as if one violation were not enough, his step father later made him a citizen of Indonesia (the affidavit in the court records of the trials filed by attorney Taitz). The definition applied to McCain happened to be inapplicable to his opponent – nor ever attempted to be applied by any officials! So unfortunate about pro forma...


It is not at all as though the definition of US natural born belonged to a gray zone so that honorable Senators and Congressmen ought to second guess it. As I have mentioned it earlier, they did know its original meaning. They knew it so well that some did not like it, and had even made attempts to rid of it in as many as 10 bills (sponsored by both Democrats and Republicans) – all aimed at amending this Constitutional requirement (traced by J.B. Williams) :

H.J.R. 33 (1975)  
H.J.R. 38 (1977)
H.J.R 59 (2003)
H.J.R. 67 (2003)
S.2128 (2004)
H.J.R. 104 (2004)
H.J.R. 2 (2005)
H.J.R. 15 (2005)
H.J.R. 42  (2005) 
S.2678 (2008).

In those bills they wished to replace the requirement for presidential contenders from being a natural born citizen to some "lighter" form of citizenship (better fitting important someone – guess whom). Then, all those bills didn't pass – but you know what followed. When a situation on a chessboard becomes unfavorable, the Parliament of a "beacon of humanity" merely sweeps off the chess pieces…


Are we allowed however to pose a question: For whom all those honorable law makers had tried to pave the way to presidency so many years in advance? It's anybody's guess… (Not to mention, that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee somehow succeeded to award the newly baked president merely a week after his "inauguration" in 2009, while normally the process of nomination and consideration takes near a year).

A negligence and arrogance in promotion and backing of such an obvious fraud is phenomenal! Even in brutal dictatorships like that of Stalin, or in dystopia "1984", a lot of care was taken to "properly" update the past and to doctor the records in order to keep some semblance of consistency. Yet now – in America, of all places! – a 3 dollar bill was openly produced and accepted, no questions asked during 8 years!


Just recently on December 15, 2016, Sheriff Arpaio made his third (finalizing) press conference revealing not only all aspects of the 2011 forgery, but also whose person authentic Birth Certificate was used to copy and paste the pieces of image into the forgery. And again: Nothing! The skies did not fall! This alone suffices to manifest the death of civility in America – and it also compromises the entire human civilization which raised no questions during all 8 years and also now (see the Hanson and Webster quotes above).


Who was (and remains) guilty


Summarizing it, here are those who are responsible for the 2008-2016 usurpation of the American presidency by some Unidentified Foreign Operative.


1.     The then President Bush – the Chief Executive Officer sworn to protect the Constitution. On his watch an explicitly unfit contender was allowed to campaign, to get into the ballot, and be "elected". Worse, on June 30th, 2008 President Bush signed an Executive Order 13467, which covers suitability checks and security clearances for federal employees including a determination of which executive branch individuals are covered and which are exempted. In it, designated as exempted happened to be (drum roll, please) the office of the US President and Vice-President! (A campaign of the impostor Obama was already in progress, mind you). On January, 2009 this Executive Order was mandated by Congress to be fully in effect. Just in time!

2.     The entire US Congress (sworn to protect the Constitution). They were fully aware of the Senatorial vetting of McCain, yet they did not vet Obama whose father – a foreigner – was as conspicuous as a horse in the Roman Senate. In January 2009 and 2013 they treasonously approved the all unconstitutional votes of the Electoral College (that is after approval of the Executive Order exempting the president from the security clearance: just in time)!

     As to the states, of all 50 only in Arizona the Senate attempted at least to prevent re-election of Obama in 2012 (instead of the full exposure of his usurpation): to prevent in a very subtle indirect manner. Those lawgivers succeeded to accept the bill which required verification of the identity papers of every campaigning candidate for a Federal or State office (guess why such an obvious check was not required earlier). If this very moderate bill were ratified by the governor, the 2012 campaign of Obama would stumble and fail in Arizona, simultaneously drawing the attention to his imposture also nationally. Then the 2012 Obama reelection would fail, and the entire history of America avoided its ugly shameful turn. Alas, the then governor of Arizona Janice Brewer vetoed the bill (while there was not 75% majority to overpower the veto). It was the case when one damned scoundrel had changed the history and fate of the nation. 

3.     The entire Supreme Court, and in particular Chief Justice Roberts which personally administered (twice!) the presidential oath to an impostor, to a 3 dollar bill! Later the Supreme Court had ignored all reports and submitted cases challenging legitimacy of Obama.

4.     The entire Democratic and Republican Parties. Speaker Pelosi in 2008 sent two (!) different certification forms on Obama to the Secretaries-of-State. 49 of them were lacking the paragraph certifying that Obama meets the Constitutional requirement (because Pelosi knew that he didn't). However the Hawaii (what an irony!) insisted that Pelosi added such a paragraph, and so she did, deliberately stating a falsehood.

     Granted, the Democrats were pushing their own (in spite of his illegitimacy). Yet it is the role of Republicans (so called "opposition") which is the most grotesque. They did vet McCain – their own, yet did not vet the opponent! GOP deliberately threw the elections in the hands of the opposition both in 2008 and 2012. GOP banned Dr. Taitz and Sheriff Arpaio from reporting the fraud of Obama at their 2012 Convention.

Even more ugly, in 2016 the Republican party ran 4 (four!) candidates which were not natural born. Among those four Sen. Cruz (known as a constitutional stalwart, mind you) once said in an interview in 2012 what natural born means: "born to citizen parents on the soil". That is until Cruz forgot it in 2016, running as an impostor no less than Obama.

The Democratic, Republican, and all the existing parties (including the Tea Party) are guilty in the 2008/2012/2016 tripple coup: At least because of their silence or denial.

5.     All (except one) of the presidential candidates in 2008, and all in 2012. In particular, the 2008 Republican front runners John McCain and Sarah Palin, were accessories of the coup. Except for Ambassador Alan Keys (by the way, the only truly black candidate!), none of the candidates pointed out the illegitimacy of their rival – the usurper in 2008; Nor did anybody raise the issue later in 2012. 

6.     The entire US active military (except for only 3 individuals) has violated their oath to protect the Constitution. Therefore the army in fact committed a silent coup by backing the usurper and a fraud as their Commander-in-Thief. The US military betrayed America and dishonored themselves, literally replicating the role of the Red Army in the 1917 coup in Russia.

7.     The FBI, prosecutorial institutions, and courts are accomplices because they have been ignoring numerous reports about the forgeries and fraud of the resident of the White House from private citizens, from two American Grand Juries, from the 2010 Pastor Manning's people trial; and they sabotaged all civil cases from citizens as though having no standing in an issue of legitimacy of the elected official they voted for (in the "shining city on the hill" and "beacon of civilization" mind you). Moreover, in the 2012 cases the judge ruled in favor of the defendant (Obama) who failed to show up and defaulted, while the plaintiff (Dr. Taitz) made the case and brought numerous professional experts in support of her cases. These rulings were so grotesque that they rather symbolized the end of Justice in this nation.

Just imagine if you tell all these items of accusations to average Americans: Duh?! That's what they would probably utter

with the faces like these...


The final update (August 2017)


Now we have a new president: legitimate. Mr. Trump campaigned as an "outsider" ready to confront and overcome the existing nomenclatura. Because of that he could reinvigorate the conservative remnants of this nation, which viewed Trump as a revolutionary capable to defend the nation interests and turn the nation back towards the vision of the Founders, Constitution, and the past greatness.


Trump had a unique chance to fulfill these expectations and really become a national savior delivering the nation from the misery and dishonor of the last decades, including the 2008-2016 usurpation of presidency. Trump had this chance, but he missed it.


The uniqueness of the chance was that Trump could campaign unconventionally, i.e. utilizing the unprecedented crisis of the usurpation: the crisis backed by the entire totalitarian government apparatus which sabotaged also Trump's campaign and his newly started office. With that in mind, Trump ought to campaign fully exposing all aspects of the usurpation and all guilty in it. Surely that would cause tsunami of indignation, however it would be blessing tsunami: the tsunami clearing the Aegean Stables of the total sabotage. That tsunami would help to elect fresh congressmen and senators-enthusiasts about exposure of usurpation, and it would help to expose and dismiss the criminal party (hindering Trump's campaign anyway). All these ideas had been forwarded to Trump several times in this Open letter. Alas Trump ignored it.


Already in the beginning of the 2016 campaign Trump renounced even his own earlier efforts of revealing the identity of Obama, and at the end of the campaign he shamefully capitulated and fully abandoned the usurpation crisis being already a President-elect on December 15, 2016, when Sheriff Arpaio made his last presentation about the crimes and fraud of Obama/Soetoro.


Trump did happen to win the election conventionally despite this capitulation. Yet had missed a unique chance to cleanse and expose the criminal opposition, leaving it all in place intact. And he had missed a chance of timely repentance of this fallen nation.   


Consequently, the same criminal Republican party, the same criminal Congress – and even the usurper on his own! – are all freely acting and sabotaging every step of Trump. In their arrogance they dare to go as far as to call Trump illegitimate – while Trump just swallows it and keeps cooperating with them in denial of the real illegitimacy of Obama. What a farce!     

By so doing, not only does Trump keep himself open for non-stop attacks by the totalitarian sabotaging crowd, but he also makes himself an accomplice in that usurpation by his denial of that usurpation and giving comfort to those guilty in it. Trump now is no less an accomplice of the usurpation than president Bush in 2008. While...

America maintains an unprecedented farce discrediting the humanity. In terms of the chess it's a "game" when the opponent's pieces freely visit the fields under attack being absolutely sure that Trump will not capture them! The opponent's king too visits and stays under check sure that Trump will not capture it – and Trump does not! And such a "game" just goes on and on! It's obscene! It's so obscene, that it makes me regret that I live to see it!


Meanwhile with passing away of the year 2016, the last chance of timely repentance and triumph of justice passed away too. The main goal of all the "parties" and all branches of the "new" American government remains to keep denial and forget the 2008-2016 usurpation as if it were a bizarre nuisance. However, this "nuisance" became already a record of history in the past tense so that this nation will forever remain in history with its indelible dishonor of the last decades: from the stained dress of Ms. Lewinsky to the soiled pants of the entire nation. Moreover: it will be the first time in history when the greatest treason and dictatorship have succeeded without violence, with the freedom of speech in place, but unused, and with the 2nd Amendment still valid, but not one shot fired to protect the Constitution.


What a contrast it is given the brave South Korea which had just managed to impeach and prosecute the sitting president during her office – while America remains incapable to do it with the usurper after his two full terms! After two full terms undisturbed by any opposition!


Even the notorious Evil Empire of the former USSR repented about Stalinism in 1956, though late, 3 years after the tyrant dropped dead. Therefore, America is now second in line for a late repentance after the USSR so that the USSR now happens to be a role model for America! And it remains to be seen how many years it will take America to replicate that feat of Sovetskih (while speaking about the so called American exceptionalism)…    


August, 2017

P.S. On 12/18/2017 Josh Meyer published a new sensational  accusation of Obama in laundering money for Hesbollah (in Politico), which remained almost unnoticed and immediately forgotten just like everything else concerning Obama.

The documents about all aspects of the imposture may be found in the following two resources:    (The rightmost column: Evidence on Barack Obama)


(1)  The author of this collage a cartoonist David Dees originally painted Obama with an Israeli flag on the lapel as a slander against Israel. Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism pervades his works and obsesses his mind so much, that it is bordering with stupidity, as the impostor Obama is the worst anti-Israel (p)resident in history of this nation – and this nation, alas, has never been a truly loyal ally of Israel (despite our Judeo-Christian national identity – see an article of Howard Galganov)

(2) McCain was born at a Panama Hospital on the territory of Panama, clearly not on American soil.

(3) This is an interchange between two candidates for the senatorial position during the 2004 campaign in Illinois, reported in this article

 Another politician which inadvertently revealed the true definition of the concept "Natural Born" was Senator Cruz, who in 2012 uttered "born to citizen parents on the soil

Not only did Cruz conveniently forget it in 2016, running as an impostor no less than Obama, but another Constitutional stalwart - actually a crook! - radio talk mouth Mark L:evin kept obfuscating the audience misrepresenting the meaning of the classical concept "natural born":

 Cruz and three other GOP candidates in 2016 ran as impostors, and Levin deliberately confused the listeners in order that the true meaning of the concept be forgotten and erased from the memory. That was the clearest example that GOP is actually the Plan B party in the hands of the same puppet musters.