A Platform for Survival


Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.

It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

(John Adams, October 11, 1798)


Our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people of the Judeo-Christian faith, living on an isolated continent.

It is wholly inadequate to the government and people of any other faith.

It is wholly inadequate under conditions of a wide-openness to hostile ideologies and people carrying them.  Contemporary America is open for ... evil  (rather than for business).

(The 2012 update)



The fundamental issues


In order to rectify the recent distortions in understanding of the United States Constitution, the intent of the Founding Fathers, and of our national heritage, the following principles are presented as self-evident truths. The items below are not suggestions of constitutional amendments. On the contrary: They just reassert the original Constitution by spelling out some of its concepts deliberately twisted or removed from circulation by neo-Marxists, progressives or even "conservatives".

Dissidents which survived Stalin or Hitler, even during the worst times knew, that the newly implemented laws and practices were not some new norm to stay forever. They fought for returning back to the civility, to the starting point A.

Unlike them, the contemporary conservatives do not even set the goal of returning to the point A. In these days the "society" is conditioned to view every ugly achievement of pederasty, liberasty, "cultural Marxism, or globalism as though a new "norm" to stay here forever, and the conservatives are conditioned this way too. Instead of getting back to the starting point A, their dream is merely that conservatism be not outlawed by the liberast so that the conservatives could exercise their conscience at least in "closets" (at home, at private businesses, churches or synagogues)!

The Judeo-Christian America party is vehemently against acceptance of evil as though a new norm. We are vehemently against co-existence with evil seeking its mercy. Our goal is to eradicate every new achievement of evil and to actually return to the starting point A. In particular, this means outlawing sexual perversions and islam.


1.     Prosecution of the 2008-2016 usurpation of presidency. The concept of "Natural Born Citizen" as a prerequisite of the presidency means the US citizenship inherited from the parents both of whom are US citizens on US soil ("The Law of Nations", 1758, by Emerich de Vattel), assuming that this citizenship inherited by the child is never changed ever after. In 2008 and 2012, therefore, Obama/Soetoro campaigned and attained the presidency illegitimately. Moreover, he had produced forged documents and used fake social security number(s). Therefore his presidency, all his actions and orders must be considered null and void, and he must be prosecuted for perjury, fraud, and treason. All branches of the US government, all parties and governmental institutions which acknowledged Obama as a president, must be prosecuted for treason, convicted and dismissed. In particular, this applies to the Republican Party guilty in the 2008/2012/2016 triple betrayal of the Constitution and its duty as an opposition party. No law, no civilization  wrote Prof. Victor Hanson (though on a different issue). A failure to expose, to halt, and prosecute this illegal presidency while it lasted, allowing it to hold the full term, and a refusal to prosecute it even after the full term, is incompatible with civility discrediting this nation and the entire human civilization.



2.     Reclaiming our national identity. The NWO and all the treasonous governments of the West have succeeded in a plan so monstrous that nothing similar had ever been fathomed in human history before:  


        To do away with the very concept of the national identity of every Western nation!

        To do away with the age's long formula that Nation X belongs exclusively to people X, making this formula an anathema, and denouncing those who think otherwise as fascist of racist (see this Idiot Guide for Basic Civic and FAQ #20)

For decades the entire
US government top down is committing unprecedented in human history treason against our nation. Not only did they open the gates of the nation to the islamic enemy, but they also deliberately change the national identity of the nation by inviting millions of the least fitting foreigners and their mosques: 3100+ as of now (2017) and running.


We must re-assert and reclaim our national identity as an exclusively Judeo-Christian nation of predominantly white European people. We are a nation speaking English only. Ban official use of Spanish immediately.

Islam does not belong to
America. Based exactly on our reclaimed national identity, America can and must rid of Islam entirely. Anything less means a suicide of our nation.


3. Limited voting right. We must restore the principle set by the Founding Fathers, which limited voting rights only to owners of property or certain assets. Citizens who live on the state assistance and those who do not pay taxes must have no voting right.



4. National religions. The word "Religion" in the Founding documents does not mean "any world religion". It stands for varieties of Christianity and Judaism only, as the colonists founding our nation were descendants of Great Britain and other European Christian nations only. Although it is the citizen's right to worship any faith, or to have no faith at all, the United States of America has always been a deeply religious nation: over 95% Christian with a particular acknowledgment of the Old Testament and Judaism. This high percentage alone is enough to assert that the United States does have the national religions. They are Christianity and Judaism the ultimate source of our spiritual and cultural identity, which must be further maintained and preserved.



5. Unity, not "separation of God and State. Our country is based on unity, not "separation of God and State"[1], for it is God who gave us our unalienable rights, this great country, and our great spiritual heritage. The 1st Amendment ("Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion...") means that the Federal Government shall not single out a particular version of Christianity or Judaism, nor shall it make any laws regulating them, for it is God who gave the basic laws for humans, not vice versa. Therefore all state institutions and organizations can and are encouraged to display Biblical images, to follow the laws of the land in the spirit of Biblical morality, to have Biblical monuments on the public land, and to encourage the state schools and universities to teach the Bible and the family values (including abstinence).


Monetary policy

6. Balanced budget. Cut spending and always maintain a balanced budget. The cutting, however, must not diminish our military power. Cut and abolish all the Federal programs and agencies not enumerated in the US Constitution, and cut all unearned Federal entitlements. Nobody is entitled to the money earned by others.

7. No more fiat money. American currency must be always backed by fixed amount of gold or silver, as required by the Constitution.  

Foreign policy


8. We recognize that all Islamic countries and the great majority of practitioners of Islam in the world today adhere to Jihad a religious war against all non-Islamic nations with the goal of spreading Islam and establishing the world Caliphate. The Quran in itself is a declaration of war against all mankind. In modern times, the war on the West has been openly declared by particular Islamic states such as Iran, and by numerous Islamic organizations spread all over the World, especially under protection of Islamic governments. Terror is just one of their weapons, but we are in a war not against terror, but against the dispersed enemy united by the common ideology. Without going into its particularities and ethnic varieties, their ideology is Islam, and therefore we are engaged in a religious war against Islam declared by Islam.  


9. Not only did Islam declare war on the West: this war has been conducted for decades in many ways and in numerous attacks on American and Western interests all over the world, the 9/11/2001 attack being the most catastrophic yet not yet properly retaliated! Recognizing that our enemies represent an unprecedented existential threat to our country and the civilized world, our government must wage this war applying all available power with all tools on the table. When in war, we demand that the government not restrict our soldiers with any rules of engagement in favor of the enemy: soldiers put their lives on the line confronting savages of 7th century.


 10. Within our country, Islam must not be considered as a religion entitled for a constitutional protection because it does not belong to our national identity, and in fact is antithetic to it. Islam is imperialistic, totalitarian movement acting at the command of what it declares to be its god and scripture. Islam is not just foreign to our nation. Islam must be treated as an enemy ideology, teaching that America is a great Satan, that our Constitution must be replaced with Islamic Law, and that all Christians and Jews must be converted, humiliated, or executed. As a propaganda machine acting inside our country, Islam is a "fifth column", a Trojan horse infiltrating via mosques into prisons, into the media, into universities, into the Department of State, and even into the Pentagon, the White House and Capitol Hill. Financed mostly by the Saudis, so much has Islam succeeded in penetration of our nation, that we have already 3100+ mosques here, 80% of which were erected after the 9/11/2001! Such a coward self-deprecating behavior of a host nation is called dhimmitude in Islam. That is why Islam must be outlawed in the United States, all its public organizations and mosques must be closed, and Islamic immigration must be banned unconditionally and forever. Technically a ban on Islam must be enacted in all states by the states.

It is exactly within a power of every state to outlaw Islam in own state without formal violation of the 1st Amendment, which prohibits only the US Congress from making laws respecting religions! In this context, the Founders meant only brands of Christianity and Judaism indeed; therefore the 1st Amendment does not apply to Islam. However in this dark time of total confusion, the propaganda misrepresents it as though Islam were protected by the 1st Amendment. Fortunately not in the States!
Also the 1st Amendment obviously does not apply to immigration stream so that Islam for the immigrants may and must be banned.  


11. The United Nations is a senseless collection of representatives of incompatible and reciprocally inimical countries, whose great majority is hostile to American interests. America pays 25% of the UN budget, hosts their staff quarters, and yet buys neither influence nor any power. On the contrary, our sovereignty is under constant threat of so-called "international initiatives". Therefore our goal is to get the US out of the United Nations, and the United Nations headquarters out of the US.


Future immigration policy


12. We must admit as immigrants only those foreigners who willingly accept the laws and traditions of the host country. Therefore we do not welcome those who come here to stay, but not to accept these values. We struggle against those who are here to dissolve and destroy our national identity, and finally to overtake the Nation.


13. Every nation receiving immigrants must do that according to its national interests in order to assert its national identity rather than dissolve it. Therefore we want to restore the previously existing immigration laws requiring that the applicants must match the cultural, religious, and racial profile proper to our country as before the 1960s. That means in particular that the great majority of newcomers (at least 95%) must be Christians or Jews, and no entry should be granted to applicants adherent to known enemy ideologies such as Communism, Nazism, or Islam. 


Current immigration policy


14. No amnesty to illegals in any form. All illegal residents must leave the United States in a phased process, which begins with immediate deportation of all convicted illegals in prisons.

- Stop offering any services in Spanish, stop all telephone prompts in Spanish right now: It is humiliating, self-deprecating, and a kind of dhimmitude before Latinos. All government offices must do business and offer services only in English: no exceptions.

- Verify authenticity of any questionable social security cards by asking suspects to produce several supporting documents such as a proof of legal entry, or otherwise a US birth certificate, a US passport, or similar. Failure to do that is a ground for deportation.

- Stop all entitlements to illegals immediately, stop all services to them, speak to them only in English and many will leave on their own. 

- Obligate employers to verify every identity and to report it in case of doubts. Otherwise the employer must be prosecuted.

- Build that wall along the entire Mexican border, and have all the border agents to do their job. 

Social policy

15. No free trade! Mindless free trade with enemies empowers them (as it did to the islamic nations), and free trade with other third world nations leads to outsourcing of American jobs. National interests first! Outsourcing appetites of businesses must be regulated with tariffs, taxes, and incentives for in-home job creation.

16. It is a demagogy to claim as though there are jobs Americans will not do. Able-bodied Americans who do not take certain jobs are mostly permanent welfare recipients. They do not take those jobs not because they live on their savings, but because they live on others' savings the taxes paid by those who work. Therefore we must stop welfare to able-bodied and then they will want to fill the positions that they disregarded otherwise. We must stop the current policy which destroys the job market, sustains a parasitic class and creates a new under-class, particularly based on underpaid illegals. And even for those not able-bodied, welfare should be phased out and replaced with non-coercive (private) charity. 


17. Marxism, internationalism, and socialism did not die with the collapse of the USSR, but keep destroying our nation from within, being deeply rooted in state schools, state university systems, and in the majority of the mass media. These so called "progressive" movements caused the erosion of the US Constitution standing in their way. We struggle for reasserting the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian heritage of America, for America free of Islam, free of Marxism/Socialism, and free of immorality such as sodomy and sexual perversions.


18. We believe that sexual deviancy is a private business, yet immoral and by no means a protected civil right under non-discrimination acts. Therefore, any public activity of homosexuals and other sexual perverts must be outlawed. Any exposure of children to propaganda attempting to "normalize" homosexuality must be considered as a serious criminal offense (currently this exposure is happening in almost all schools, and in California it is ... mandated! Mandated by near 10 state laws!) No propaganda of sex change, no hormone "therapy" (leading to sexual mutilation of otherwise healthy individuals) must be tolerated in schools.


19. Homosexual activists have penetrated all social institutions, shutting down any criticism of their immoral sexual obsession. Now they want to criminalize morality, that is, to make any criticism of them a criminal offense (as has already been implemented in several other countries). Instead of quietly doing their business in closets, not only do they shout about it: They want us a great moral majority to be forced into closets instead. Therefore our policy is:

- No homosexual "marriage", nor any recognition of any kind of homosexual relationship, nor any benefits for such relationships. Absolutely no rights to adopt kids for any kind of deviant "couples", nor any contacts with children for those who have outed their deviancy.

- On the contrary, only traditional families should enjoy the rights that families are entitled to.

20. We do denounce the racism as a prejudice or under-treatment of own citizens based on race. However the contemporary racial problem, tensions, and violence are rather a consequence of the over-treatment[2] of the past racial problems. No more affirmative actions! No more bending back and double standards in favor of trouble making minorities!


Racial minorities which are unhappy or cannot integrate into this overwhelmingly white majority nation are free to leave elsewhere where they will be the majority. This has always been the most reasonable and humane way for resolving inter-ethnic or racial tensions. 

Alexander Gofen


[1] The term "separation of God and state" was promoted by Marx and Lenin. It was first implemented by Bolsheviks since the earliest days of the USSR. In practice, this principle meant a draconian suppression and persecution of all religious confessions, and then establishing of the KGB-controlled religious hierarchy in their place. See more in FAQ, question 15:  "Does this party appeal only to religious people?" See also Why atheists can't be real Americans , Atheist whiners need some other party (and some other nation  )

[2] This over-treatment was noticed and ridiculed from as long ago and  as far as by a Soviet poet (of all!) already in 1958 in this brilliant poem. Another example of a prophetic personality was a prominent black philosopher and leader Booker T. Washington (1856-1915) which in 1911 (!) said this:

- There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.

- I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.