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(по русски)


This site does not yet fully reflect and assess the November 2020 election coup – the final nail into the coffin of the great experiment called the USA.

During 2021 - 2023, I was still watching how the bigger picture was evolving. In it, now it's easy to recognize an enormous 3-act coup.

Act 1, 2000-2008. As traced by Mr. J.B. Williams, there were 8 attempts to pass congressional bills to rid of the "Natural born" requirement for some upcoming important presidential candidate.

Act 2, 2008-2016, the actual imposture of that "candidate" Obama/Soetoro backed by all the branches of the US government top-down including the military and both "parties".

Act 3, 2016-2020, Non-stop attempts to topple President Trump, and finally toppling him, simultaneously destroying entirely the integrity of the election in the US for the indefinite future, certified by the treasonous Jan. 6, 2021 Congress and all the branches of the US government top-down including the military and both "parties".

What we see now in America is an unimaginably ugly farce exemplifying a perfect defeat of civilization in a fallen sodomite nation living by lies for more than 160 years. See Sidney Powell's interview (April 3, 2021), because truth is an armor of God.


When I posted this "playbill" of the 3-act coup above in April 2021, I didn't know when I will be ready for writing the next, the third Opening Statement in the history of this site. I created the site in 2014 with the main goal to keep exposing the 2008-2016 imposture by a fraud and UFO Obama/Soetoro, and also as a resource for a tentative new party Judeo-Christian America. 


In 2016, realizing that the timely exposure and prosecution of this crime "too big to be ever acknowledged" (in the words by Bob68) was missed, I wrote the second opening statement: that of 2016. In that bitter statement there was still some hope, that the Trump's presidency would possibly stop America from sliding into an abyss – despite Trump's opportunism and similarity to Kerensky in 1917 (who was also unable to fathom the scale and scope of the evil around him). Trump ignored all the evidence of Obama/Soetoro fraud brought fore by Sheriff Arpaio group already during his presidency.

In 2015 Sheriff Arpaio said, still "nobody wants to look at it"! I.e. in a nation having a Parliament and parties, freedom of speech and 2nd Amendment, nobody wants to look at this! Moreover, as investigator Zullo added: "Lawmakers have told him they will not look into the matter, or that they would be prevented from examining it if they tried"?!


What?! Prevented by whom?! Who in the world is above these lawmakers representing one of the three highest independent branches of our government?!


On December 15, 2016, Sheriff Arpaio gave a press-conference with all the details about stealing the identity and forging the documents of Obama/Soetoro: on December 15, 2016! Already during President-elect Trump!

Later in 2017 Zullo added:


We had nowhere to turn. This was a coordinated effort between the White House, the DOJ, the FBI, the Secret Service, and Selective Service, and mainstream media, to kill this issue... I personally believe this is the greatest fraud ever committed on the American people; it is the easiest-solved fraud to ever be investigated; it would take them 15 minutes to get to the bottom of this, and yet nobody wants to look at it. There's no place we can turn until the players turn.


Then in 2016, my friend and I posted letters to Trump warning him that without full exposure and prosecution of the 2008-2016 imposture, his presidency is doomed. Alas, this prediction came true, visualized by the playbill of the entire 3-act coup above. 

Speaking about this enormous coup, it is illustrative to compare it with another coup that took place in the former USSR in August 1991 and led to the collapse of the USSR the same year. We are not looking for any analogy between these so different coups. The Table below is compiled only for comparison in order to emphasize differences in actions and consequences there and here. 


The USSR: 1991

The US: 2020-now

The period of Perestroika and Glastnost' (Reconstruction and Exposure) by Gorbachev (the new policy introducing freedoms unheard of in the former USSR) was met enthusiastically by the great majority of the people, who viewed Gorbachev as a liberator and great reformer. However, he was hated by some circles at the top of the CPSU and the KGB. On August 21, 1991, when Gorbachev was on vacation at Crimea, a group of the top party and military officials took power, announcing themselves a GKChP (the State Commission for the Emergency Situation). They immediately banned some newspapers, TV and radio stations, sending tanks and troops into Moscow. So, the coup began.


However, it lasted just a few days. Thanks to massive protests of Muscovites, a split and hesitation in the armed forces and a part of the KGB, the power of the Congress of the USSR and President Gorbachev were restored in a matter of days, ending the coup.   

In 2016 President Trump was enthusiastically elected by patriotic conservative Americans who viewed him as a great leader capable to undo the damages of the  2008-2016 imposture and to  Make America Great Again (a slogan rather arrogant and utopian for the time).    

The entire government (filled with the NWO cadres) and most of both "parties" of the duopoly Dems/Repubs hated Trump whose presidency promised troubles for them and derailment of the globalist plans for destroying America. During his entire presidency, they kept harassing him hindering all his actions and initiatives. 


Approaching the 2020 election, all government structures and parties made "preparations" in order to prevent this out-of-their-club troublemaker from winning again. Resorting to a variety of tools and methods of falsification (and even with the help of foreign sources), the vote counting in the key States was subverted in favor of the pair of corrupted and senile Biden and impostor Harris. 


Yet despite of all those subverting efforts, the "success" of the coup was still uncertain until the fateful and fatal Congress of January 6, 2021. Here is why.


Thanks to enormous internal battles in the States, seven of them managed to send not one, but two opposite versions of slates for counting during the Congress, presided by Vice-President Mike Pence according to the Constitution. Given such unusual circumstances, he ought to …

·        Either organize the special Congressional commission and special prosecutor (say Sidney Powell) for investigating the election integrity, and delaying the counting indefinitely until the conclusion of this commission;

·        Or send back the conflicting slates to the states for clarification, delaying the counting indefinitely until the states resolve their conflicting issues;

·        Or to not count the States that submitted the conflicting slates at all (which would mean Trump's victory).


He did nothing of the above. Instead, Benedict Pence committed the most efficient and fateful betrayal in the most critical moment of history: betrayal of his mate, his party, and the nation into the hands of the coup similar to the GKChP in 1991.


At that, the entire Congress played for the FBI provocation both outside and inside the Capitol. They hid in cellars – instead of going out to meet their constituents thus ruining the FBI plot.


Finally, without any investigation, they all arbitrarily certified the conflicting slates in favor of the impostors. I.e., the entire block of the Republican (non-) party certified the election stolen from themselves, finalizing the stolen electoral phase of the coup. Then, the coup transitioned into its practical phase: the unbridled reign of the clique behind Biden, cancellation of each and every action by the Trump presidency, and repressions against those who protested against this election. 


This coup, remaining neither exposed, nor protested by any party, lasts up to this moment (August 2023) with the propaganda hysteria and bogus indictments against Pres. Trump and the participants of the Jan. 6, 2021 rally, referred by propaganda as "insurrection".  


A part of the military loyal to President Gorbachev, arranged an airlift for him from Crimea to Moscow, and arrested all the participants of the GKChP. Soon the entire GKChP was prosecuted and convicted for different prison terms.

In the last days of his presidency until January 20, 2021, President Trump was betrayed by all branches of power including his own subordinates and the military. Though he met a group of Attorney Powell, General Flinn and Patrick Byrne on December 18, 2020, promising to appoint Sidney Powell as a White House Special Counsel, he did not fulfill his promise.  


Instead, President Trump humiliatingly submitted to the outcome of the coup ensuring a "smooth transition of power" to the impostors remaining in place up to this moment (September 2023) – unlike how it was in the USSR in 1991.


Now, despite that he did not lose the 2020 election, President Trump campaigns for re-election in 2024 again, as though nothing was stolen! Unlike Gorbachev then, Trump voluntarily left the White House conceding it to the American version of GKChP. And now Trump keeps campaigning with the same treasonous GOP and the same government apparatus that stole from him the 2020 election.


As the first consequence of restoring the Congress of the USSR and President Gorbachev into power, the Congress outlawed the Communist party (!) of the USSR – the only party allowed in the former USSR, whose Central Committee was coupled with the KGB.


After this epochal event, a few new parties emerged, some of them promoting ideas of freedom and economic reforms. However, also a new communist party (under a different name) emerged too. And, despite all the efforts of adherents of the deep reforms, neither lustration of the former communists and KGB agents, nor a tribunal over the CPSU and all its criminal activities (analogous to the Nuremberg tribunal) could be arranged, as described by Vladimir Bukovsky, who noted that the collective West opposed an idea of such a tribunal too.


Even more grotesquely, the then US President Bush-the-senior refused to accept from Pres. Yeltsin the information about the American POWs insidiously betrayed to Stalin and abandoned by the then American government(**).


Not one of the American politicians or pundits dared to demand the dismissal of both criminal parties that certified the stolen election. The role of the Republicans here was the most insidious as they betrayed their own electorate. Worse: some of the Republicans in the Congress participated in the special "commission" for the investigation of those who peacefully rallied on Jan. 6, 2021 and doubted the validity of the election!


Not only did the American electorate not demand the dismissal of the treasonous Republican non-party, but they kept dreaming that this non-party take both Senate and the House in future "elections": "elections" conducted under the same corrupted government and all its subordinates who stole the 2020 election! Instead of demanding cancellation and restitution of what was stolen in the 2020, they have readily accepted and forgot it, hoping to win in the future election by "keeping the wallet tighter"!   


Due to the degeneracy of American political tradition, the electorate is conditioned to think only in terms of the duopoly Dems/Repups (contrary to partisan pluralism in other free nations). In this duopoly, the Dems "honestly" promote the goals of their globalist and woke electorate, while the non-party of Republicans serves as a decoy and trap for conservative electorate, a barrier for everything that must be done, but will never be – see the never-do-list. The Republican "party" happens to be a dead-end so that America has no political mechanism for escaping from the trap of globalism and defeat of civilization (unless this sodomite Federation is dismissed back into states, following the example of the USSR).  


During massive Moscow rallies on and after August 21, 1991, only 3 participants were inadvertently killed by tanks, and no participants were arrested. After failure of the coup, President of Russian Federation Yeltsin apologized that he failed to preserve the lives of those killed (though there was no his fault).  

Soon, the (In)justice Department under the impostors started arrests of all participants of the peaceful rally on Jan. 6, 2021, where many FBI provocateurs were planted in order to provoke the participants to violence.  However, the only act of violence was that of a black policeman who shot and killed an unarmed white woman – a military veteran! No doubts, FBI counted that this act of their racial provocation alone would trigger a tsunami of retaliation – yet the crowed stayed calm even after that!  


Other policemen opened several doors of the Capitol inviting the participants to enter. Later, all those who entered, or stayed close to the Capitol – over 700 of those! – were imprisoned and convicted for long prison terms under ridiculous reasons, while some of them are still imprisoned without a trial. Yet not one member of the US Congress has made any attempt to pass a bill exonerating the innocent victims of the January 6 persecution.  


Worse: the arrogance of this illegal government recently has reached the new low. Now this illegal government issued multiple indictments against President Trump and a few of his supporters who gathered tones of evidence about the election steal.

Soon after suppression of the coup, the three of the Baltic Soviet republics immediately seceded. So did the rest of the Soviet Republics later in December 1991. The local governments of all former Soviet republics were ambitious enough and they did long for sovereignty. That was the end and the last year of the notorious evil empire of USSR.  

Massive violations of the election laws took place in many States particularly infringing the rights of those where Trump had decisively won. Yet only Texas filed the case about those violations to the Supreme Court in December 2020 submitted by the highest judicial authority of the state – the Attorney General. However, the US Supreme Kangaroo Court refused to hear this ultimately crucial for the nation case submitted by the highest possible plaintiff! And what did the State of Texas do? Nothing! It merely swallowed it.


None of the States of the US happened to be offended enough for moving towards secession. None had ambitions for sovereignty and for splitting away from this long-outdated and illegal federation. Thus, unlike the USSR, this federation still exists.


Perestroika in the USSR (finished with Putin's presidency) meant an enormous surge of freedom and openness in the history of the USSR. The citizenry engaged in discussions and historic reflections. Not one of historic stones or skeletons remained unturned. All aspects of the dark past were discussed and reconsidered. Even such former sacrosanct issues as the personality of Lenin who got money from foreign sources for the 1917 Bolshevik Putsch (the operation "Loreley"), the crimes of the Civil war, the shared guilt of both Hitler and Stalin in starting the WWII, and the devilish "Icebreaker"(*)  plan of Stalin. Everything was on the table! Nothing was off limit!  


This short period of Perestroika and Glastnost' happened to be unique not only in history of Russia. It seems that no other Free nation in the world so far wished to entirely expose and repent about its dirty past, much less to act upon such exposure.


(*)  "The Icebreaker" by Victor Suvorov

(**)  "American Betrayal" by Diana West

In America, the very concept of Perestroika seemed to be redundant because America still is the freest of the nations. Yet despite that, America has never felt any need for self-reflection – never mind repentance! – about the crimes or misdeeds of its past. America still maintains the propaganda lies of its uncivil war of 1861-1865 as though secession of the Southern States were unconstitutional and ought to be prevented by means of that fratricide war. America still maintains the then after-the-war lies as though the war were fought for liberation of the slaves in the South.


America is not interested in rethinking its shameful role of allying with Stalin in the WWII and satisfying every of his criminal whims(**), never bringing him to the Nuremberg trial, tailoring the UN statute in favor of that cannibal, awarding the USSR the undeserved privileges in the UN, and later allowing the Russian Federation in 1991 to automatically inherit all those undeserved privileges of the former USSR.


This shameless nation swept under the rug and readily forgot the 2008-2016 imposture and all the evidence brought fore by Sheriff Arpaio group, just as it forgot the 2020 election steal – while over 700 innocent victims of Jan. 6 are still imprisoned!


This shameless nation fears and bends back before its black minority, and glorified such a scum as Floyd so much,

that the gross mistrial of the innocent policeman Dereck Chauvin was stayed by all the Appeal courts and the Supreme (akin to Moscow Bassmanny) Court of the US, sealing the 21 year imprisonment of an innocent!


It is this grotesque" tradition" of a conflict-free development and burying of the past forever, which has molded the mindset of this fallen nation. This "tradition" presumes…

·         No exposure of any past government crimes ever,

·         No prosecution of those crimes ever,

·         No restitution or compensation for the victims,

·         No repentance,

·         No rethinking or even thinking about own history! Perestroika is unthinkable in America – which alone dooms this nation.

·         Living by lies and worrying about collateral damage from truth (sic!) – because "we must move on", you know…


And we do move on: towards our demise – and the demise of the civilization.  



Repositioning the comma in the famous motto:

United, we stand divided!

United, we stay irreconcilably divided and will surely fall together.
Separated, we, however, have a chance to preserve the blueprint of the Founders at least at a smaller scale.


 Wake up America!




The 2016 opening

Truth has to be repeated constantly, because Error also is being preached all the time, and not just by a few, but by the multitude. In the Press and Encyclopedias, in Schools and Universities, everywhere Error holds sway, feeling happy and comfortable in the knowledge of having Majority on its side. - John Wolfgang Goethe

When people are forced to remain silent while being told the most obvious lies, or even worse, when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself.  -
Theodore Dalrymple


This quick start without an introduction may seem a bit puzzling for an unprepared reader which got here first time. (Such a reader is advised to follow the hot links such as this which reviews the events of 2008-2016 in order to bring us on the same page).


The best way to begin this 2017 Opening Statement is from where the 2014 Statement ended – from the words by Coach Dave Daubenmire: The game is never over until the clock hits zero. Why are these words so appropriate?


Because this metaphoric clock already hit zero in 2016, and the American "game" is over, alas!.. I mean the 2008-2016 usurpation of the presidency by some UFO (Unidentified Foreign Operative) with an alleged name Obama: never acknowledged nor exposed timely, i.e. before 2016. Thus this unprecedented crime has already entered the record of history in the past tense so that the American game of acting as though the beacon of humanity or the shining city on the hill is over: very literally.


Then in 2014, the first goal of this Judeo-Christian America party was to trigger the full exposure and prosecution of the usurpation so that America did not miss a chance of repentance and triumph of Justice timely, as appropriate for the true beacon of humanity. Unfortunately, the corruption and evil have overwhelmed this nation so much, that those little forces pursuing Justice since day one of 2008 such as Attorney Dr. Orly Taitz, Pastor Dr. James D. Manning, American Grand Juries, the writer Jerome Corsi, and later Sheriff Arpaio, could not breach a wall of sabotage before 2016.


Before 2016, opportunists of this nation used to say: be patient, just wait until Obama's term ends – and you will see how promptly he will be prosecuted. It's so difficult, you know, to impeach him or remove in other ways while he is in office.

Such an excuse in America (of all), was obscene, for how can it be justified in the most free and law obedient nation of the world that a criminal, a usurper remains not apprehended promptly as soon as his crimes became known? What kind of law obedience is it if the nation waits until the end of term of the impostor, allowed to stay in office unlawfully?(2) And what about repentance of the nation – something clearly having a deadline before 2016?..

Well, now is already 2017. Newly elected president dishonorably caved in 2016 to a dirty interviewer, reneging from his earlier and all future efforts to expose the 2008-2016 usurpation of the US presidency and to prosecute everybody guilty in it (euphemistically called "deep state", which actually is the three branches of the US government top down and all parties). Yet despite his obedience to his handlers and appeasement of the "deep state", Trump immediately experienced the vast sabotage of that "deep state", which only increases every day. Rephrasing Churchill speaking about Chamberlain, Trump chose the dishonor - and got a war on him anyway

Is he rushing to prosecute usurper Obama and his accomplices now? Not at all, alas!.. We still have a little hope even for the late Justice and late repentance –  for which we actually must vehemently fight! We must fight for triumph of that late Justice at least in foreseeable future! That is why it remains the #1 item in the 2017 Platform (just as it was in the 2014).  


The full exposure of the 2008-2016 usurpation and late Justice is not merely a moral act worth fighting for in this dark and immoral time. As our Open letter to Trump explains, the full exposure of the usurpation is also the only practical method for crushing the totalitarian opposition (including the old parties) guilty in the 2008-2016 usurpation and a long list of other treasonous acts against the Constitution and sovereignty of this nation.


Yes, for now it's our very sovereignty and national identity which are at stake! For now the NWO and all the treasonous governments of the West have succeeded in a plan so monstrous that nothing similar had ever been fathomed in human history before:


§ To do away with the very concept of the national identity of every Western nation.

§ To do away with the basic world concept that Nation X belongs to people X, because if people X are white Westerners, their nation belongs to whoever in the world,  and those which disagree are "nazis", "fascists" of "racists" (see this Idiot Guide for Basic Civic).


What we see now is actually the next phase of Marxism, which evolved from expropriating wealth of individuals to expropriating wealth and territories of entire nations by various means (such as instilling in them the sense of "guilt", redistribution of national wealth via the climate change scam).

Until we re-assert this formula and reclaim our national identity, we are doomed. For America it means that we are exclusively a Judeo-Christian nation of predominantly European people. We are a nation speaking English only. Islam does not belong to America, and, based exactly on our reclaimed national identity, America can and must rid of islam entirely. Anything less means a suicide of the nation.


That's why our party is named Judeo-Christian America: there is nothing more crucial in this time of confusion and obfuscation than to recall and reclaim our national identity – the #2 item in the new Platform.    


The other items in the Platform are still important, while these first two – truly existential.     


Alas, our short-term goals (as formulated in the 2014 opening statement) were not achieved, the time has expired, and the nation has fallen into the darkest era of its history. The entire nation (including President Trump) turned into a circus of non-stop attacks on Trump who however does not accuse his attackers in the greatest crime ever – the 2008-2016 imposture! By not accusing and prosecuting the real traitors, President Trump and America behave as the "sheeple" on this photo(3), willingly squeezing into a narrow gate out of the stall ... not surrounded with a fence!

Even so, even if we are really GULAG bound, our long-term goal remains to keep acting according to our new Platform, and to preserve the truth and all details of the struggle for it for the future generations. Our long-term goal is to keep this truth always on the table, and to shove unrepentant America into its doo-doo again and again: until America gets it. In a short run or a long run, ideas do make a difference. Rephrasing Michael Bulgakov, "Ideas do not burn". We are here to spread and materialize them. Our battle cry (ignored by America in 2008-2016) still remains Wake up America! No matter whether America ever wakes up or not, let's our efforts remain in the records of history, and let's just humbly follow another saying of Coach Dave Daubenmire
: Work while the sun shines, for a day cometh when no man can work. In the bitter words of Vladimir Bukovsky in the last line of his book "Moscow Judgment", 1996, "The only thing we can do now is to preserve our testimonies up until the Last Judgment".

(2) The brave South Korea had just managed (March 2017) to impeach and prosecute the sitting president during her office – while America remains incapable to do it with the usurper after his two full terms! After two full terms undisturbed or questioned by any opposition! What a contrast!

Even the notorious Evil Empire of the former USSR repented about Stalinism in 1956, though late, 3 years after the tyrant dropped dead. Therefore America is now second in line for a late repentance after the USSR: what a role model! And it remains to be seen how many years it will take America to replicate that feat of Sovetskih (while speaking about the so called American exceptionalism)…   

(3) By Australian photographer Scott Bridle, 2012


The 2014 Front page and the Opening statement...



National Identity


New World Order


Main topics




The truth shall make you free


The Party Attached to principles
rather than trends


This party emerged in a uniquely dark period of American history - the period of illegal "presidency" of some Barack-Barry  Obama-Soetoro-Soebarkach-Bounel — an Unidentified Foreign Operative with forged everything in the White House, the entire Congress and all parties being in cahoots with him. 

This period (2008-...) is a culmination of nearly 100 years of aggressive erosion of core American values, of the letter and spirit of the Constitution, and even of our national identity itself. Just a few decades ago, along the entire political spectrum, everybody at least acknowledged that America is a Judeo-Christian nation whose language is English. No more. Now our national identity is denied by nefarious forces from both the left and the right. Therefore as the first thing, the party name "Judeo-Christian America" reclaims what is the most essential inalienable characteristic of any nation — our national identity.


Contrary to corrupting modern trends, this party is attached to something solid, to principles cut in stone rather than to the winds of a fashion or the whims of electorate. We are consistent followers of the letter and spirit of our Constitution and the Founding documents, so that to repair the damage of the last 100 years is our long-term ambitious goal.


Our short-term goal is even more ambitious — to succeed in the full exposure before 2016 of this unprecedented crisis, the hoax of the century. To expose the illegitimacy since 2008 of the entire American government and of all parties backing it, collaborating with it, or compliant with it (and those are, alas, all existing American parties including the Tea Party). We are constitutionalists and conservatives, but in the true sense of these concepts — unlike the parties carrying these names, yet staying in denial or maintaining a taboo since 2008 on mentioning Obama's illegal presidency.

Moreover, the main characteristic of our Platform is that it reclaims exactly those crucial items that the ruling elite of the last 100 years has removed from circulation entirely. So much so, that other supposedly conservative parties (and the controlled media) dare not even touch these items. We are here to return these fundamental ideas back into circulation, back into public discussion.

There is a deeply rooted argument in American mentality against any "third" party (especially against a "new third" party). Americans (even conservative Americans) think only in terms of some election victory in the current election, in terms of voting for a lesser evil in order to win a 2 cent betterment right now. Thus it seems pointless for them to care and support anybody but the Demo-Republican duo, or else it would only drain a few votes from the Republican Party facilitating the win of Democrats...

  1. So what?! The Demo-Republican duo is not in real opposition to each other any more! Along with the Democrats, the Republican Party is guilty in the 2008/2012 double coup. Twice they allowed the campaign of an impostor and collaborated for the election victory of a constitutionally unqualified foreigner and an exposed felon. For that alone any party with such a legacy would be prosecuted and dismissed in any civilized society. It is really sick to seek Republican victories as a way of advancing conservative goals. This nation is under de facto one party rule, and so far we have no organized opposition — a sickening fact in itself.
  2. Therefore, our goal is not merely to coexist with other parties as an insignificant complement, but to fully expose those criminal parties, undermining their very existence, and in so doing, to recruit the remnants of their honest conservative membership into the Judeo-Christian America Party.
  3. Our main weapon, therefore, is the truth, the entire ugly truth about this shameful period of illegitimate governance. Our weapon is also all those "forgotten" or eroded constitutional and common sense concepts, self-evident in the past, but removed from circulation now. These concepts, however, still remain in the memory of the conservative remnants of this nation. Nobody dares to speak them out, but we do, and we will shall let the truth ring.     

For many, our short-term goal of the full exposure of the coup before 2016 may seem "too short" of time and of a sense of reality. After all, it is quite obvious now that all the existing political forces of this failed, null and void nation have "agreed" to never open this can of worms, and to bury the issue of the illegitimacy forever, as was done with the illegal presidency of Arthur in the end of the 19th century. Moreover, as shown in the study of J. B. Williams, nefarious forces from "both" parties began paving the way for the ascendance of the impostor Obama already in 2003. Who can reverse such a trend set into motion by the entire ruling elite of evildoers in the nation, corrupted so much that the truth does not matter? Only God knows... Yet the true patriots must fight for the full exposure of this mega crime each and every remaining day.

It sounds grotesque, but it appears that the American patriots now must fight for ... GLASNOST i.e. the freedom of speech (the term used in the early 1990s in the former USSR during the unexpected emergence of freedom under Michael Gorbachev). Then in the USSR, GLASNOST exploded so fast that all of a sudden no topic was taboo any more. The ugly truth about the recent and long past of that nation swept away the Communist Party of the USSR.

Alas, in America — a cradle of freedom — instead of GLASNOST we still have a taboo on the darkest and most critical years of our modern history and on most of the issue in this Platform. Unlike in the USSR, in America — a cradle of freedom — the majority is not looking forward for GLASNOST at all! The majority prefers to bury the truth — GLASNOST be damned. What an irony, what a shame!

Never before in the history of this nation have the stakes be so high. If our struggle for the exposure of the truth and the triumph of justice before 2016 fails, this nation will forever remain in history with its indelible dishonor of the last decades: From the stained dress of Ms. Lewinsky to the soiled pants of the entire nation. For it will be the first time in history when the greatest treason and dictatorship have succeeded without violence, with the freedom of speech in place, but unused; with the 2nd Amendment still valid, but not one shot fired... If nothing else, this alone throws the civilization centuries back, because as Prof. Victor Hanson put it, "No law, no civilization". Or, in the words of
Daniel Webster, 1851: "Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world." Repeat it again (and shiver):

For if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world!


Even if the short-term goal is not achieved (because the time has expired and the nation has fallen into the darkest era of its history); even if we are really GULAG bound, our long-term goal then will be to preserve the truth and all details of this struggle for future generations, and to keep this truth always on the surface. In a short run or a long run, ideas do make a difference. And, rephrasing Michael Bulgakov, "Ideas do not burn". We are here to spread and materialize them. Our battle cry is Wake up America!

Meanwhile, the struggle for the full exposure still goes on. We are not done yet.


The game is never over until the clock hits zero.

Work while the sun shines, for a day cometh when no man can work.

(Dave Daubenmire)